Day: October 4, 2020

News of the Day – October 5th

Filmmaker to Make new Cinematic Audio Bible Featuring Hundreds of Voice Actors

When my Grandmother began showing signs of her dementia, one of the most heartbreaking things was when she lost her ability to read and understand the Bible. But through the mercy of God, when she listened to an audio version, His message came through loud and clear. So when I heard about this new audio Bible featuring a new “3D sound” read by voice actors I was super excited. A wonderful way to bring the Word of God to life to all. Read more about this exciting project here.


Christians Call For Prayer

I’m sure, like me, you were both shocked and saddened by the recent news of the President and First Lady contracting Covid-19. Romans 13:1 tells us that all leaders are put in their positions of authority by God Himself. And as such, regardless of our political difference, now is the time to for all Christians to come together in prayer for our leader. Read how Christians around the country all calling for prayer here.


Dr. Charles Stanley Is Retiring

One of my favorite pastors of all-time is Dr. Charles Stanley. His teachings on the Bible have not only touched my heart and life, but millions of others as well. After more than 50 years at the first Baptist Church in Atlanta, Dr. Stanley is stepping down as senior pastor. Something tells me that retirement wont slow his zeal for God and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more about his future plans here.


89-Year-Old Pizza Man Fights Back Tears As Strangers Surprise Him With $12,000 Tip

With all the bad news you hear about the app “TikTok” lately, it’s nice to hear a good story coming from social media. Users of the app chipped in to raise money for this senior pizza delivery man. In today’s current climate, it’s nice to see the spirit of generosity bringing people together. The gratitude shown by this Papa John’s employee will touch even the hardest of hearts. Read more about this inspiring story here.








Grandma’s Poems


My dear grandmother, Cena Gilman, was born in Zealand, Michigan in 1915 into a loving Christian home. Her mother came from the Netherlands, and his father from Germany. She was one of seven children, and her love for her family was surpassed only by her love for Christ. She served the Lord faithfully her entire 93 years upon this Earth, and was a shining example of God’s love and grace.

One of the ways she loved to show her devotion to God was through her poetry. Below are a few of my personal favorites.


“Three Crosses”
Three crosses against an angry sky,
Two thieves and Jesus hung to die.

Three crosses against a morning sky,
Empty, that man need not more to die.

Three crosses against an Easter sky,
Jesus Christ liveth, and so may I.


“Spring Time”
See the colors of the spring time,
See the rolling of the tide,
Look around and see God’s goodness,
In this world so deep and wide.
May our lives reflect his beauty,
Helping those who are in need.
We can all show special kindness,
When our hearts our father leads.


“I Do Not Know”
I do not know His plan for me,
Because the way I cannot plainly see.
Those sorrows come and tears may fall,
I trust in Him, my Father knows it all.
He holds my hand when life seems gone,
And gives me strength until I’m strong.
He understands when faith is weak,
And gently leads his will to seek.
So come what may, I know He cares,

And every burden with me He shares.
I do not know His plan for me,
I’ll rest content, for someday I’ll see.


“My Son”
God in His goodness gave you to me,
To love and to care for, and to teach you to be.
The kind of person so gracious each day,
Considerate of others in each and every way.
A new phase now in your life has begun,
No longer dependent on me, more decisions for you, my son.
Some heart aches and sorrow may come your way,

Life has it’s challenges day by day.
Growing up is a hard part of life you will find,
And only the best will succeed.
So live like a man, be true to yourself,
And let your heavenly Father lead.


“Our King”
Earth, sea, air, and great rivers that flow,
Are controlled by His wisdom and might,
The birds of the air and the beast of the field are all precious and good in His sight.
Young men and maidens, old men and children,
Loudly His praises proclaim,
All nature joins in, a wonderful chorus,
Praise our King who forever will reign. 

Kings of the Earth shall worship our God,
For He is greater than they.
Princes and judges shall all bow down,
For His kingdom will reign one day.
So sing all ye people with gladness, rejoice
And worship the Lord we adore,
Surrender our hearts and our lives all to Him,
And keep praising our God evermore.

October 4th – Acts 13:47

Oct. 4-Acts 13:47

Because they enjoyed their status as God’s chosen people, the Jews were quick to shun the idea of salvation being offered to all. They became jealous when they heard Paul and Barnabas sharing the Gospel with the Gentiles. But Paul quickly reminded them that they were to bring people to the Lord, not cast them away. A message he gives to us as well. God offers salvation freely to all and expects us to be His missionaries, sharing His Gospel of love and eternal life. Are you leading others to Christ? Are your actions reflecting the light of Jesus to those around you?