Day: October 8, 2020

His Unfailing Love (John 19)

John 19

For many of us this year has been a very tough one. Mainly because of the worldwide pandemic we have all experienced loss in many different degrees! Many have lost their loved ones; their health; their jobs, their homes… you name it! But sadly the greatest loss of all, is that some have lost their faith and hope! Read more here.

October 9th – Psalm 18:28

Psalm 18:28

For me one the hardest things about living in the country is the complete blackness of the night. With neither city lights nor neighbor’s porch lights, once the sun sets the darkness envelops everything it touches. If not for my trusty lantern, getting lost in the dark would be certain. Jesus is our eternal lantern. He lights the way in a darkened world, shining His glory on the path of truth, righteousness, and everlasting life. Are you letting Him lead you on His path of love and light? Are you reflecting the light of Jesus’ lantern for others to follow?


News Of The Day – October 9th

College Football Coach fired For Replacing BLM Sign

There can be no disagreement in that black lives matter. But when this Illinois football coach found a BLM sign taped to his office door, he replaced it with a sign that said, “All lives matter to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” This display of his faith, cost him his job. Read more about the controversy here.


Israel And Jordan Sign Historic Airspace Agreement

This agreement, allowing flights between countries, not only extends the recent peace treaty recently signed between Israel, The UAE, and Bahrain, it hopes to cut fuel costs and pollution. Transportation Minister, Miri Regev, is excited about new boundaries being broken. Read more about this historic agreement here.


The Passion of the Christ Sequel Happening

One of the most powerful movies about the life, death, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ is the Passion of the Christ. And now the actor who portrayed Jesus, Jim Cavielz, has announced the sequel to be entitled, “The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection”. Read more about movie here.


Street performance Actor Gets Love from Stray Dog

An actor pretending to be injured was in the middle of a performance, when a stray dog wandered over and began to gently nuzzle his neck and face. Because of this canine’s outpouring of love, the actor has made a vow to find this pooch his forever home. Read more of this heartwarming story here.



October 8th – Daniel 12:36

Oct. 8th – Daniel 12:36

Jesus knew His time on earth was growing short. And His warning to Israel is the same warning He gives to us. Time is growing short. Don’t wait! Receive Him as your Savior and accept His free gift of Salvation. Become a “son of Light” so that the darkness of this world will neither overtake nor overcome you. I truly believe we are living in the last days. Jesus loves you and longs to call you His own. He died so that you can live. And what He wants most of all is a close, personal relationship with you. Have you received the light of Jesus? Have you welcomed Him into your heart?