Day: October 12, 2020

News Of The Day – October 13th

God’s people Are Asleep

Actor Kirk Cameron is known for his faith as much as, if not more so, than for his acting. He launched a two part project on TBN called, “Think, Pray, Vote”. During the special, Cameron sits down with several respected members of the religious community. His goal is to encourage Christians to go through the issues with a “Gospel lens.” Read more about his efforts here.


Are We Living In Fear Or Faith?

We definitely are living in trying times. And with all of the fear mongering happening, its easy to become afraid. But as Christians we know we never need fear the happenings of this world for God is always in control. I love how author Glen sunshine asks, “Which characterizes your response to the world and Covid-19, fear or faith? Read his answer here.


Female Supporters Pray On Capitol Hill

I  personally admire Judge Amy Coney Barrett. She appears to be a Christian who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. her life is a testament to her deep faith. As her confirmation hearings begin, a pro Amy group called, “Concerned Women for America”, has organized a bus tour with their first stop at capital Hill to pray for the nation. Read more about their efforts here.

The 2020 Nobel peace Prize Goes To world’s Largest Hunger Program

During the Covid-19 pandemic, this humanitarian organization stepped up and provided aid to almost 100 million people in 88 countries. As a result, this generous organization filled with amazing men and women, were bestowed this prestigious award. Read more about this deserving group here .  

October 13th – Exodus 34:30

Exodus 34:30

After spending 40 days and nights on Mt Sinai talking with God, when Moses finally descended his face radiated with the shekinah glory of God. The Israelites knew something spectacular had happened on that mountain by how brilliantly Moses shone. That’s how I want to be. I want to shine so brightly that everyone can see that something spectacular happened from my time with God. I want to glow from being in His holy presence, and become a reflection of His grace and love for the world to see.