Day: October 13, 2020

True Fellowship (1 John 1)

1 John 1

I’ve reached an age where all my grandparents have passed on from this life, and I realize there is so very much that I’d like to know about them, but it’s too late. My grandparents all married late in their lives, so they were all in their sixties when I came along, and I was too young to realize the value of their wisdom they had to share with me back then. Read more here.

October 14th – Micah 7:8

Micah 7:8

Both Israel and Judah went through some pretty dark times. Can you relate? Have you felt so low you feel swallowed by the darkness? Living in a fallen world means that there is no escaping times of trial. Yet even in the worst of situations, when we focus on God instead of our circumstances, He will shine His light of hope and redemption on all who love Him. And we can trust that whatever we are going through, God has a purpose for our pain and promises to use all things, even the bad, for our benefit. (Rom.8:28)