Day: October 15, 2020

God’s Children (1 John 3)

1 John 3

Have you ever really stopped and thought about being a child of God?  We are loved by a faithful, loving heavenly Father, Who is intimately acquainted with us and we are part of His family. Read more here.


October 16th – Isaiah 58:8

Isaiah 58:8

Recently a dear friend shared how she, along with others were fasting and praying for our country. Isaiah taught the people of Israel, who were also fasting for their country, that fasting and prayers needs to go hand in hand with humility and repentance. Once His people walk in obedience and love, God says He will shine His Light upon them, heal their sorrows, and surround them with His righteousness and glory! Won’t you join in prayer for both the leaders of our country and the healing of our land?

News Of The Day – October 15th

White Evangelicals Support Donald Trump

How many people have you heard say that this election is between the lesser of two evils?  Recent polls show that may not be entirely true. Both white evangelicals voting for Trump, and black Protestants voting for Biden, say they are doing so because they actually support their candidate, and not because of their dislike for the opponent. Read more about their reasoning here.


Jews And Christians Gather together To Pray for Jerusalem

While we often hear of divisions between Christians and Jews, imagine the scene in the Holy City with shofars blowing, flags flying and both followers of Christianity and Judaism filling the streets with prayers, dancing, and singing. That’s what happened when evangelical Christians from around the world came to pray for peace in the Jerusalem. Read more about this outpouring of prayer here.



New Disney Movie Inspired By True Story

Zach Sobiech, a teenage musician living with terminal bone cancer, inspired Disney’s new movie entitled “Clouds”. It’s the story of Zach’s last days before he passed away just shortly after his 18th birthday. The movie highlights how Zach dealt with life, love, and faith, and Zach even recorded a song for the film.  Read more about his inspiring story here. 


Young Inventor turns Her Disability Into A Superpower

Jordan Reeves is a 14 year old girl whose left armed stopped growing below the elbow. But she didn’t let that stop her. She took her disability and used it develop her own “super power”. Loving glitter as most girls do, Jordan used a 3-d printer to create a prosthetic arm that actually shoots glitter from the tip. Read more about this amazing young woman here.