Day: October 20, 2020

Overcomer (1 John 5)

1 John 5

Overcomers are followers of Christ who successfully resist the power and temptation of the world’s system.  Whew!  And how do we do that?  An overcomer is not sinless – but holds fast to faith in Christ until the end.  She does not turn away when times get difficult.  Overcoming requires complete dependence upon God for direction, fulfillment, and strength to follow His plan for our lives. Read more here.

October 20 – Matthew 13:43

Matthew 13:43

The pumpkins, squash, and apples of Autumn mark the last great harvest of the growing season. The once full fields now lay bare having given up their bounty.  Soon Jesus will send out His mighty angels to reap from the earth the bounty of His church. And those He gleans from the fields, will forever shine like the sun in the kingdom of the Father. I pray that until that time, I will continue to sow the seeds of the Gospel and growing  in His loving light.