Day: October 22, 2020

Building Up Our Faith (Jude)


How has the Pandemic affected your life? How has it affected your prayer life? We are living in very dangerous times! In such a time like this many are losing hope, and walking astray! How are you adjusting to this “new” life style, or what some call “the new normality”? Read more here.

October 23rd – Revelation 21:23

Revelation 21:23

Do you ever think about what heaven will look like? John tells us that the heavenly city is surrounded by twelve gates and filled with precious stones. Its streets are paved with gold, with the crystal clear river of life flowing through its middle. On either side of the river is the tree of life, yielding its fruit every month, and bearing leaves which heal. No temple is to be found, for the Father and the Son are it’s temple. And the glory of God shines with such brilliance, there is no need for any additional light. My mind can barely comprehend the splendor that awaits me as a child of God, and my heart overflows with joy knowing I’ll be spending eternity with the Lord.


News Of The Day – October 23rd

Christian School Sues Oregon Governor

After a small private Christian school complied with state covid-19 orders in order to open, they were told they had to remain closed. Hermiston Christian School in Hermiston, Oregon is suing the democratic governor for religious discrimination. They feel their constitutional rights were violated when the state allowed only some public schools to reopen. Read more about this lawsuit here.


Actor Kevin Sorbo Says Science And Religion Go Hand-in-Hand

While you may may know actor Kevin Sorbo as Hercules, or Captain Dylan Hunt, he is also known for his spiritual films and deep faith in God. His latest project is a documentary, coming out in mid November, that helps Christian’s defend their faith and see the connections between science and religion. Read more about this film here.


Christian Author Says Abortion Shouldn’t Be A Factor When Voting

Pastor and author Skye Jethani says that abortions aren’t going to be reduced by the leaders in government, so the issue shouldn’t impact our votes. Instead the pastor says that programs at the local level, including crisis centers, churches, and support groups are the way to reach and lift up pregnant women. Read more of his ideas here. 


Tiny Chihuahua Named hero Dog Of The Year

A four pound chihuahua named Mackenzie has been named the country’s most heroic canine. Born with a birth defect, this award winner overcame her handicap and now spends her time taking care of other rescue animals born with birth defects. Read more about this little hero and others like her here.