Day: October 28, 2020

Worship The Creator (Revelation 4)

Revelation 4

For those of us who are privileged to be in God’s eternal presence one day, our hearts will naturally praise and honor Him. We will know that He completes us. Our joy and fulfillment will be complete and all that we have we will gladly lay at his feet. Read more here.

October 29th – 1 John 1:7

1 John 1:7

There’s nothing better than standing in the light of the sun, and feeling the warmth of its rays upon our skin. But beyond the warmth, it also produces valuable Vitamin D that our bodies need to function. As Christians there’s nothing better than standing in the light of the Lord and feeling the warmth of His love and grace. When we walk in obedience to God, the fellowship we experience with Him and fellow believers nourishes our soul. And through the precious blood of Jesus, we are healed of our sins.

News Of The Day – October 28th

Poland’s Top Court Bans Abortion Of babies With Birth Defects

Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal struck down a law allowing abortions of babies with birth defects, citing Poland’s constitution. Following the ruling, abortions will now only be permitted in Poland in cases of rape, incest or if the mother’s health and/or life are at risk. While prolife groups praise this decision, prochoice groups say it endangers women’s health. Read more about the ruling here.


Pope Francis Elects First Black American Cardinal

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C. will be America’s first Black Cardinal. The 72 year old said he was both grateful and humbled, as he thanked Pope Francis for opportunity to serve the church in this greater capacity. With his appointment, Cardinal Gregory now becomes the highest ranking black prelate in the country. Read more about his promotion here.


Churches Attacked In Nigeria

In Nigeria, as 12 pastors and more than 400 Christians gathered at church to pray for peace, they were attacked, beaten and shot at with guns by suspected Muslim mobs. On the same day, other churches in the area were burned and vandalized. Despite this persecution, the churches refuse to be silenced in their faith. Read more about this attack here.


5th Grader Trying To Get Meals To People In Need Before Thanksgiving

Texas fifth grader, Orion Jean, has a heart as big as the Lone Star state. Seeing all of the hurting families in his area, Orion has set a goal to get 100,000 meals to hungry people before Thanksgiving. This amazing young man says, now more than ever, kindness is important. Read more about Orion and his charity here.


October 28th – Luke 12:2

Luke 12:2

Throughout the New Testament Jesus warns of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. They were big on talking the talk, but not walking the walk. They hid behind masks of righteousness while living lives of sin. They became detestable to the Lord, for the hypocrisy of their words and actions caused others to turn away from the faith. But Jesus warns that no one can hide from God. He sees behind the mask. And everything once concealed will be one day be laid bare by His revealing light.