Month: November 2020

November 30th – Psalm 31:19

Psalm 31:19

Being called children of God comes with some pretty amazing perks. Not only does it offer the promise of an eternal life spent in His presence, God also promises wonderful things for those who receive Jesus as their Savior. In His goodness, God takes great joy in pouring out his storehouse of love and blessings on those He calls His own. And out of His unmerited grace, the Lord offers each of us protection from this world under His mighty wing. To God alone goes the praise and thankfulness for His love and mercy.


November 29th – 2 Corinthians 2:14

2 Corinthians 2:14

The apostle Paul knew suffering. He was beaten, stoned, imprisoned, and shipwrecked. All for his faith in Jesus. Yet Paul didn’t despair. For he knew that life is hard. And it rarely goes the way we think it should. But just like Paul, we too can have confidence, strength, and even joy, no matter what we face. Because when we walk hand in hand with the Lord, our path always leads to victory. So no matter what life throws at us, we can rest assured that with God on our side, we will always triumph in the end.


November 28th – Psalm 50:14

Psalm 50:14

Any true and good thing we have in our lives is a gift from God. And while it’s important to thank Him with our lips, what the Lord really wants is to see our gratitude in action. He wants us to become living sacrifices of thanksgiving. How? By walking in truth, love, grace, and mercy. We are Christ’s ambassadors on earth, and from hearts overflowing with gratitude, the same blessings He so generously gives to us, we should be showing to others. Jesus willingly became a sacrifice for us, shouldn’t we joyfully do the same in return?

News Of The Day – November 27th

Supreme Court Blocks Covid Restrictions On Churches

A victory was won by those who want to practice their faith in New York. The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday in favor of a Catholic diocese and an Orthodox Jewish group, temporarily blocking New York’s COVID-19 restrictions on houses of worship. The high court was cited as saying even in a pandemic, the Constitution cannot be put away and forgotten. Read more of the ruling here.


Christian Psychotherapist Explains How Gratitude Impacts Your Health

In a year where finding gratitude is more difficult, psychotherapist and licensed mental health counselor Dr. Scott Bush believes gratitude can play a major role in our mental and spiritual health. He claims the greater our thankfulness, the happier we’ll be. And Bush says taking the time to look at what we can be grateful for “can change the whole dynamic of our life and our attitude.” Read more about his thoughts on gratitude and happiness here.


Starbucks Fires Barista For Refusing To Wear “Pride” Shirt

New Jersey resident, Betsy Fresse, a Christian from Newark, was fired for refusing to wear a shirt that went against her Christian beliefs. After stating she believed marriage to be between one man and one woman, Fresse refused to wear a “Pride” shirt which shows supports for homosexuality. Claiming she was let go shortly thereafter, Fresse has filed suit against the company for discrimination. Read more about her lawsuit here.


Couple Uses Deposit From Cancelled Wedding To Feed Others

When Illinois residents, Emily Bugg and Billy Lewis had to cancel their wedding ceremony due to covid restrictions, they didn’t let it get them down. Instead they chose to get married at city hall and use the money they would have spent on the reception to help others. The couple purchased 200 Thanksgiving dinners for clients of Thresholds, a nonprofit mental health provider dedicated to helping people with serious mental illnesses and substance use conditions. Read more about their generosity here. 





November 27th – James 1:2

James 1:2

No one likes a trial, but hardships are a result of living in a fallen world. Yet we can find joy even in the roughest of times when our focus remains on God and not the storms raging around us. How? By remembering that God uses all things for our benefit, both good and bad. If we trust Him completely, the Lord will safely see us through all circumstances while strengthening our faith, teaching us endurance, and drawing us closer to Him. And there is great joy in knowing that what God leads us to, He will see us through!