Day: November 4, 2020

News Of The Day – November 4th

Presidential Race Still Undecided

No clear winner has been announced as of Wednesday morning for the 2020 Presidential race. As both sides are declaring victory, it may days before the final tally of votes are counted in battleground states. as it stands now, it looks like the democrats will hold the house, while the Republicans hold the senate. Get the latest voting results here. 


3rd Grader Threatened With Suspension Over Mask

Third grader Lydia Booth wore a mask which said, “Jesus loves me” to her Mississippi school. School officials ordered her to remove the mask and replace it with a school provided one, threatening suspension if she refused. Her parents have filed a lawsuit against the school district for violating her religious freedom. Read more about the ongoing case here.


Over 200 Religious Leaders Vow To Bring Peace After Election

Evangelical leaders have signed a letter titled, “A 2020 Call for Biblical Peacemaking: Evangelical Leaders’ Statement on Violence and Division” Concerned with the rise of anger, persecution, violence, and division in the country, these religious leaders vow to bring peace, love, and reunification back to the United States. Read more about their efforts here.


Santa Named Essential Worker

Children everywhere are worried that Santa’s annual visit will be stopped this year due to Covid-19.  But rest assured, the big guy himself says he has no plans to cancel his Christmas Eve flight. Labeling Santa as an “essential worker“, a Facebook group is asking people to go outside Christmas Eve at 6:00 p.m. and ring a bell tor sing a Christmas song to show support for Saint Nick.  Read more about their efforts here.


November 4 – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

1 Thessalonians 5:18

It’s easy to thank God during the good times, but what about the bad? Although trials are never easy, God wants us to be able to find gratitude in each tribulation we face. But how do we thank Him when it feels as though our tears will never dry, our hearts will never heal, and our circumstance will never change? On our own it’s impossible. But in the strength of Jesus, the impossible becomes possible. When we walk with the Lord and lay all things at His feet, we can not only thank God in all things, we can also experience the peace and joy of knowing everything is in the perfect hands of God who loves us most!