Day: November 16, 2020

News Of The Day – November 16th

Indianan Town Fights To Keep Nativity Scene

Nativity scenes have always been a part of the Christmas holiday. But in Jackson County, Indiana, a federal district judge ruled that a nativity scene in front of the courthouse is unconstitutional. The nativity scene has been on display yearly since 2003 which includes Santa and his reindeer. The city plans to fight the decision. Read more about the ongoing case here.


San Diego Closes Churches But Opens Strip Clubs

Apparently seeing nude women is more important than practicing your faith in California. For while churches remain shut due to covid-19, San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel R. Wohlfeil ordered California to to reopen strip clubs. Cristian leaders who have long been fighting for in person church services to reopen, call the decision absurd and shows the hypocrisy of the states leaders. Read more about this religious legal battle here.


Armenians Fear Ethnic Cleansing

After a peace deal this week ended the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, many Armenians fear the agreement will put their history as a Christian nation at risk. Although the deal ends bloodshed between the two countries, many Armenian Christians are afraid of ethnic cleansing by the Azeri military who is backed by the country of Turkey. Read more about the peace deal here.


Daughter Gets Job So She Can Be With Her Father

After covid-19 prohibited 49-year-old Nina Ambrose from seeing her father, she took action. Ambrose’s father, who suffers with dementia, now sees his daughter regularly since she volunteered as an activities and events coordinator in his nursing home. Volunteering has led to a new calling for Nina who is now considering making it her new vocation. Read about this loving family here.

November 16th – Psalm 44:8

Psalm 44:8

When someone asks me about my faith, my heart practically bursts at the seams with joy. I can’t wait to tell them of all the ways God works in my life. Whether it be His love, grace, protection, discipline, or healing, God’s hand is everywhere I look. My heart can’t help but brag of the wonderful things the Lord has and continues to do each day for me. And although my spiritual walk is is somedays one step forward two steps back, I will forever praise God for His faithfulness and mercy!