Day: November 22, 2020

Jerusalem 2.0 – (Revelation 21)

Revelation 21

The final judgements of God have ended. And now in the aftermath, we learn of the glorious future awaiting those who put their faith in the Lord. Read more here.

November 22nd – Colossians  3:16

Colossians  3:16

God never intended the Christian walk to be a solo one. We are all members of a divine family, and us such we are meant for fellowship with one another. Why? Because a big part of growing in our relationship with the Lord depends on the encouragement, love, grace, and teaching from other Believers. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, that make up God’s heavenly choir. A choir which sings in harmony together, songs that spring forth from hearts overflowing with thankfulness for all the Lord does and all He is.