Day: November 23, 2020

News Of The Day – November 23rd

Charlie Brown Returns To Public Television

After Appletv, who purchased the rights to Charles Schultz’s Peanuts, announced the specials will only be see on AppleTv, people were outraged. Now they’ve reversed their decision. After receiving a petition containing more than 250,000 signatures, the company says the specials will now air on PBS as well. Read more about the times and days here.


Christian Astronaut Heads To Outer Space

Have you ever wanted to go to outer space? Christian astronaut Victor Glover is headed for a six-month stint in outer space to take part in a science mission at the International Space Station. Bringing with him communion cups and a Bible, Glover plans to continue virtual service, virtual giving, reading his Bible and praying. Read more about his upcoming adventure here.


Christians Donate 27,000 Bibles

here in American we take for granted the ability to pick up and read a Bible whenever we want. but that’s not true for many around the world. So a Michigan charity called, Mission Cry, an organization that works with local churches by sending them bibles and helping with church plants, just sent 27,000 Bibles to Albania to aid persecuted Christians in the country. Read more about their efforts here.


Home Depot Giving 1 Billion In Raises

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, The Home Depot has been supporting its associates with expanded paid time off for all hourly workers and implementing temporary weekly bonuses for everyone. Now the company has announced its investing profits into its employees. Read more about the bonuses here.


November 23rd – Daniel 2:23

Daniel 2:23

When King Nebuchadnezzar threatened to kill all the wise men of Babylon, Daniel stepped up. Knowing that it is the Lord who is in full control of everything and everyone, and is the One who gives power and wisdom, Daniel believed God would deliver him. Do you have the faith of Daniel? Do you trust the Lord no matter the circumstance? Can you give thanks and praise to God for His answer before it even comes? God rewarded Daniel for his faith and obedience, and He promises to do the same for us!