Day: November 29, 2020

Jesus Knows – (Matthew 4)

Matthew 4

Temptation is nothing new. Jesus faced many trials while He walked the earth. And here in Matthew 4 we learn of the Lord’s great victory in facing down the great tempter. Read more here. 

November 29th – 2 Corinthians 2:14

2 Corinthians 2:14

The apostle Paul knew suffering. He was beaten, stoned, imprisoned, and shipwrecked. All for his faith in Jesus. Yet Paul didn’t despair. For he knew that life is hard. And it rarely goes the way we think it should. But just like Paul, we too can have confidence, strength, and even joy, no matter what we face. Because when we walk hand in hand with the Lord, our path always leads to victory. So no matter what life throws at us, we can rest assured that with God on our side, we will always triumph in the end.


November 28th – Psalm 50:14

Psalm 50:14

Any true and good thing we have in our lives is a gift from God. And while it’s important to thank Him with our lips, what the Lord really wants is to see our gratitude in action. He wants us to become living sacrifices of thanksgiving. How? By walking in truth, love, grace, and mercy. We are Christ’s ambassadors on earth, and from hearts overflowing with gratitude, the same blessings He so generously gives to us, we should be showing to others. Jesus willingly became a sacrifice for us, shouldn’t we joyfully do the same in return?