Month: November 2020

News Of The Day – November 2nd

Over 100,00 Sign Petition To Bring Back Charlie Brown

For millions of people, both young and old, some of the best parts of the holiday season are the Peanuts Halloween and Christmas specials. So imagine the disappointment when it was recently announced that the beloved specials would only be on Apple TV. Now people from around the country have signed an online petition to bring back Charlie Brown. Read more about their efforts here.


Los Angeles County Issues Citation Against Church

Lady of Angels Catholic Church in Arcadia, California was fined one thousand dollars by the county of Los Angeles for violating Covid-19 restrictions. After being seen allowing 11 people to pray and worship inside the sanctuary, authorities issued the citation. Church officials say they are being unfairly targeted. Read more about this controversial decision here. 


The United States Lifts Restrictions On Israeli Research Funding

US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, joined Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a ceremony celebrating research funding for Israeli institutions in the West Bank. After the US lifted previous geographic restrictions, Netanyahu praised the move saying it was especially important in the war against the Corona virus. Read more about the two countries cooperation here.


Group Of Mississippi Inmates Baptized

It’s never too late to turn your life around as shown by 17 inmates, including men and women, who gave their lives to the Lord at a jail in Collins, Mississippi.  Hoping for a fresh start and a new way of life, the group serving time at the correctional facility were baptized by the ministry provided by the Covington County Sheriff’s Office. Read more about their story here.


November 2nd – Psalm 9:1

Psalm 9:1

Have you ever taken the time to thank God? I mean really thank God? Each night as part of my nightly prayer, I would absentmindedly thank Him for the blessings of the day. And far from being sincere, my gratefulness had become nothing more than routine. But when I truly understood that from the moment I wake, until I go to sleep at night, and each moment in between, is a beautiful blessing from God, my heart overflowed with thankfulness. For each day is truly a gift from above.


November 1st – I Chronicles 16:34

I Chronicles 16:34

What does it mean that God is good? It means that He is as pure as light in which no evil can be found. It means He always does what is right. And it means that He is honest, faithful, and true; even when we are not. Oh how very thankful I am that God is good. For it is from that goodness which flows His never ending perfect love. A love He freely offers to all, a love unmerited, and a love that blows all others away. For so strong is God’s love for us, He gave His only Son to redeem us. And that is everything to be thankful for.