Day: December 6, 2020

News Of The Day – December 7th

Bible Knowledge Is Fading Away

While many people call Christianity their faith, a recent study shows that less people are actually reading their Bibles. Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, the newly elected secretary-general of World Evangelical Alliance, believes that biblical illiteracy is a growing, troubling trend in the global evangelical church today. He says that not knowing what the word of God says leads Christians into believing false gospels. Read more of the study here.


Fire Destroys Historic Church

A massive fire, which erupted early Saturday in a vacant building in New York City’s East Village, spread to and destroyed one of the city’s oldest churches that is home to New York’s Liberty Bell, among other structures, including a women’s shelter. Although the fire gutted the church, parishioners vowed that services would continue, and are thankful no one was hurt in the blaze. Read more about this historic church here.


Mercy Me Releases New Song

Popular Christian Artists, MercyMe, have released a new song called, “Say I Won’t”. The song highlights the personal experience of  Gary Miracle, who was the first merchandising representative and bus driver for the band 25 years ago, and lost both arms and legs in January after falling into septic shock. Miracle is in the video for the song showing his struggle with coming back after receiving prosthetic limbs. Watch the music video here.


Lord Of The Rings Cast Buying J.R.R. Tolkien House

Attention all Middle Earth fans. Actors from the Hobbit films including Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman along with other celebrity fans, have organized a crowdfunding campaign to purchase J.R.R. Tolkiens’s house. The organizer’s want the house to be a place where fans of the writer can go and get a glimpse inside his life. The goal is to raise 6 million dollars for the purchase and renovations to the home. Read more about their efforts here.


December 7th – Matthew 2:11

Matthew 2:11

When you set out to find God’s truth, He will reveal it to you in magnificent ways. Just look at the wise men. Knowing the Old Testament prophecy about the birth of the promised Savior, when they saw the Star of Bethlehem, they set out in search of the Messiah. Following the star in the east, led them to the child King. Because of their faith and belief in His Word, God rewarded them greatly by allowing them to see the Child, Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world. And in response, they fell to their feet in worship and thanks.

December 6th – Luke 2:7

Luke 2:7

There is no greater example of love and humility than the manger in which Jesus lay. As almighty God, He came in the form not of a conquering King, but as a helpless baby. He exchanged His royal robes for simple cotton swaddling clothes, and left His heavenly throne to be placed in an animals feeding trough. There were no grand celebrations as He stepped into this world, instead He was attended to by simple shepherds, wisemen, and stable animals. And He did this out of His great love for the world and to offer salvation for all!