News Of The Day – December 14th

Gunman Killed After Shooting At Christmas Concert

A choir that had just finished Christmas caroling at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine was standing on the cathedral steps when a gunman who had two handguns, approached the church doors and opened fire into the air, police said. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the gunman was shot and killed by responding police officers. Witnesses told police the man was yelling “kill me” as he fired. Read more about the shooting here.


Joe Biden’s Son Under Investigation By Department Of Justice

President-elect Joe Biden’s son revealed last week that the Justice Department is investigating his taxes, but a subpoena seeking documents from Biden asked for information related to more than two dozen entities. The investigation started in 2018, and president Trump has blasted Attorney General Bill Barr for keeping the investigation under wraps during the recent Presidential campaign. Read more about the investigation here.


First Doses Of Covid-19 Vaccine leaves Michigan

Trucks carrying the first shipment of covid-19 vaccines left early Sunday morning from Portage carrying 1.95 million doses of the vaccine. Each vial of the vaccine includes five doses, the company said. And 975 vials fit in each of its insulated boxes. A total of 400 boxes were loaded onto those trucks. Health care workers and those in nursing homes will be the first to receive the vaccine. Read more about this important step in fighting covid here.



Good Samaritan pays off 65,000 Dollars worth of Walmart Layaway

In a wonderful display of Christmas spirit, customers of the Bristol Tennessee Walmart had tears of joy after finding out their layaway was paid in full. The anonymous donor was reported as saying, “Please tell them Merry Christmas and I love them.” After asking the store manager the amount due in layaway items, the good Samaritan later returned with the full 65, 000 dollars owed by customers in cash. Read more about his generosity here.