Day: December 15, 2020

Give Your Crumbs Away – (Matthew 15)

Matthew 15

Are there people you don’t believe deserve Jesus?  Are you reluctant to walk out of church and greet the homeless people?  What about the gay couple standing nearby?  Or what about the people with accents or speaking a language you don’t understand? Read more here.

December 15th – John 12:46

John 12:46

Living in the country away from the street and city lights, when the sun sets, the darkness envelops everything. Without the light, it’s impossible to find the way. That’s how it is before we receive Jesus as our Savior. Separated from God, we live in the darkness of sin, doubt, fear, death, and pain. But when we invite Christ into our hearts, the veil of darkness is lifted forever. Not only do we become reconciled again to our Father in heaven and receive the light of His peace, love, grace, and mercy, we also become reflections of that Light to a darkened world.