Day: December 20, 2020

December 21st – Acts 5:31

Acts 5:31

Of all the people on the earth, God chose Israel to be His own. And from His people, He would raise up a Savior to save the world. From the beginning, Jesus knew that when He came, He would be shunned, rejected, and killed in the most horrible way. Yet He came all same. Christ left His exalted position at the Father’s side to redeem not only Israel, but all who would put their faith and trust in Him. At the Cross where He was nailed, with His precious blood, He paid in full the sin debt of the world.

December 20th – Isaiah 11:1

Isaiah 11:1

We can always count on God to keep His promises. He made a covenant with king David to establish David’s throne forever. But when Israel was conquered by Assyria, that promise seemed all but lost. Yet with the birth of Jesus called in Matthew, the Son of David, we see God’s promise fulfilled. For Christ’s lineage can be traced through the line of Nathan; David’s son, back to David, who is the son of Jesse. Although it took over 1,000 years, Isaiah’s prophecy was fulfilled and God’s Word proved true with the birth of Messiah Jesus.