Day: December 27, 2020

News of The Day – December 28th

Nashville bomber Identified As Anthony Quinn Warner

The man suspected of being behind the bombing  in Nashville is believed to have died in the explosion, federal authorities have said. Sunday DNA samples recovered from the scene matched those of Anthony Quinn Warner, 63. Three people were injured in the explosion early Friday and dozens of buildings were damaged. As of now, there is no known motive for the attack. Read more about the bombing here.


Several Church Buildings Burned In Sudan From Arson

Some Bout area Muslims were upset about the presence of the churches in Sudan, and they are suspected in the burning down of the buildings. The extremists also threatened to kill congregation members if they put up another tent and continue worshipping, sources said. A rights organization reportedly criticized police for taking no action after area Christians requested an investigation. Read more about the arson here.


Sexual Allegations Against Ravi Zacharias Confirmed

Less than a year after his death, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, an Alpharetta-based organization founded by Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has released a statement confirming allegations of sexual misconduct made against the late spiritual leader. Massage therapists at day spas co-owned by Zacharias said he would come in for back pain treatment and engaged in unwanted sexual behavior. Read more about the allegations here.


After Toys Were Stolen From A Public Housing Complex, Community Steps In

When around 200 hundred Christmas toys were stolen from a Texas Public Housing Complex, San Antonio residents stepped in and donated over 2000 presents and 18,000 dollars in cash. The gifts were intended for the children at Alazan-Apache Courts, one of San Antonio’s poorest neighborhoods. The housing authority has never received this many gifts, so staff have enough now to expand their reach to many more public housing residents. Read more about the city’s generosity here.

December 28th – Jeremiah 31:31

Jeremiah 31:31

God made a Covenant with His chosen people, Israel. An Old Covenant  based on His Law, and a Covenant meant for them alone. But now, through the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is a New Covenant. One that is all inclusive, and based on the work Jesus did on the Cross. When we receive Him as our Lord and Savior, our faith is counted as righteousness, and we too become partakers in God’s blessed New Covenant. Once and for all our sins are forgiven, and we are reconciled back to God forever!

December 27th – Zechariah 13:1

Zechariah 13:1

As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we give thanks for all He gave to call us His own. He is our source of living water who, through His death, gives us life. The blood of Jesus washes us clean of all sin and impurity. He takes our rags of filth, and replaces them with white robes of righteousness. His ever fountain of forgiveness overflows with grace and mercy for all who call Him Lord. And in His great love, He calls who thirst to drink, “the water of life without cost.” (Rev. 22:17)