Month: December 2020

Emmanuel, God Is with Us – (Matthew 23)

Matthew 23

Merry Christmas! As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ let us remember the one and only holy trinity: God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!  Read more here.


December 25th – 2 Corinthians 13:14

2 Corinthians 13:14

On this Christmas Day as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let us echo the words of Paul. For not only in this holiday season, but each day, our wish for everyone is this. May the grace of Christ flow through you to everyone you meet. May the love of God shine through you in all that you do. And may your life be lead under the direction of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. On this, the most glorious of all days, we wish you the joy and love of God’s blessings. And come, let us adore Him!

December 24th – Luke 1:14

Luke 1:14

Have you ever given up on a dream because you think it could never come true? Zacharias had always wanted a child, but his wife Elizabeth was barren. On his own, Zacharias couldn’t make it happen. But with God, all things are possible! When Elizabeth was 60 years old, an angel of the Lord came to Zacharias and told him not only was his wife going to get pregnant, but it would be a boy! God blessed Zacharias with his son John whose great work would be to prepare the hearts of the people to receive the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ.

News Of The Day – December 23rd

Joni Eareckson Contracts Covid-19

Beloved author and disabilities advocate Joni Eareckson Tada, has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently receiving monoclonal antibodies treatment, her ministry announced. Tada also shared an update on Facebook thanking supporters for praying for her and her husband Ken. As she begins her road to recovery, Tada was quoted as saying, ” I keep thinking of the untold numbers of people with disabilities all around the world who do not have access to medical help.”  Read more about her diagnosis here.


2021 National Prayer Breakfast Will Be Held Virtually

The National Prayer Breakfast will be a virtual event next year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The gathering has been held annually, usually on the first Thursday of February, for nearly seven decades and draws thousands of attendees from around the world. The virtual 2021 breakfast will be streamed online, confirmed A. Larry Ross, a longtime evangelical public relations expert and friend of the Fellowship Foundation, the nonprofit that organizes the prayer breakfast. Read more about the changes here.


Israeli Face Mask Eliminates 99% Of Coronavirus 

Medical tests have shown that SonoviaTech masks, made in Israel, are effective against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria. Tests at the internationally accredited ATCC laboratory in Israel found that Sonovia’s SonoMask eliminated 99.4% of SARS-COV2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) within just 30 minutes of exposure. Additional tests at the European Union Authorised Hygcen laboratory in Austria showed that Sonovia masks provide more than 99% efficacy against the tested virus. Read more about these masks here. 


Grandmother Working At McDonalds Surprised By Secret Santa

65 year old Grandmother Diana Boldman and her husband Cameron wake up to deliver newspapers across their home town of Idaho Falls. Once she’s finished the paper route, Diana then goes to McDonald’s to put in a shift at her full-time job there. So she was stunned when a serect santa presented her with a new 2019 Hyundai Tucson, $5000 in gift cards for gas and a check for $1000 to cover the cost of the new car’s registration. Read more about this generosity here.

December 23rd – John 3:16

John 3:16

No greater love can be shown to us, than the love given by God. He spared nothing to redeem us back to Himself, not even His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And all He asks in return is our faith and love. So what happens when we believe that Jesus came to earth as God in the flesh, that He died and rose again, and receive Him as our Savior? Not only are we reconciled back to our Father in heaven, but as His beloved children God also offers eternal life spent by His side. How great are the gifts of God!

December 22nd – Luke 1:45

Luke 1:45

God always blesses our obedience. Look at Mary. When the angel of Gabriel came to this young woman telling her that she would soon become pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit, what did she do? She believed and obeyed. And because of her faithful actions, she received God’s great blessing of being the one to bring His precious Son into the world. The Lord wants to bless us as greatly as He did Mary. When we too believe and obey the Word of God, He promises to reward us in ways beyond which we could ever imagine!

News Of The Day – December 21st

Over 30,000 Christians Have Been Killed In Nigeria Since 2009

Nigeria has been in the news again with the recent kidnapping of another group of school children. Yet sadly the violent murder of Christians in the country are nothing new. According to a new report by Nigeria’s International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law, thousands of Christians are being martyred for their faith while the country’s government are stating other reasons for their deaths. Read more about the killings here.


Is It Ethical For Christians To Receive The Covid-19 Vaccine

Pro-life Christians have raised concerns over whether its ethical to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Because the development during the testing phase involved the use of cell lines taken from the tissue of an aborted baby, they feel receiving the vaccine could make believers morally complicit in the act of abortion. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has weighed in on the issue. Read their response here.


Christmas Cancelled In The U.K.

After saying just three days ago he said it would be “inhuman” to cancel Christmas, Saturday Boris Johnson canceled Christmas for millions of Brits. The U.K. prime minister announced a new lockdown in London and south-east England, called “Tier 4”, that will prevent people from mixing with other households and close non-essential shops until at least the end of December. Johnson said the restrictions were due to a new strain of COVID-19 which is was up to 70 percent more transmissible. Read more about his decision here.


Teens Save Children Who fell Into Frozen Pond While Sledding

When a group of New Jersey teens saw two children fall into an icy pond, they jumped into action. Immediately the boys leaped into the water and formed a human chain to rescue  8-year-old Olivia Heid and her 4-year-old brother R.J. from the chilly water. The heroic teenagers said their Boy Scout training prepared them well. As you can imagine, the parents of the rescued children were beyond grateful for this Christmas gift. Read more about these amazing young men here.