Month: December 2020

Don’t Worry – (Matthew 6)

Matthew 6

Can we really battle our anxiety and anxious thoughts by shifting our thoughts and focus onto The Lord and away from the circumstances causing us to worry at any given moment? AND just what exactly does it mean to seek His Kingdom? Read more here.

December 2nd – Isaiah 9:6

Isaiah 9:6

Oh the awesome names of Jesus. As our Wonderful Counselor, He hears our petitions, and guides us on the path we are to follow. As our Mighty God, He is our Creator and Savior who left His heavenly throne to become a sacrifice for our sins. And as our Prince of Peace, He came to restore our relationship ship with God and to give us a spiritual peace that this world can never shake. How thankful I am that Jesus became everything for us and gave everything for us to give us an eternal life spend by His side!

December 1st – Matthew 1:21

Matthew 1:21

Joseph was in turmoil. His fiancé, Mary, was pregnant and worse yet, claiming to still be a virgin. Wanting to send her away, Joseph was approached by an angel of the Lord telling him to instead take Mary as his bride. Now other men might have been scared away. But not Joseph. He obeyed God and as a result was blessed with the awesome job of caring for God’s only begotten Son; Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of the world. Oh how awesome is our Father in heaven who so richly blesses our obedience above anything we could ever imagine!