Day: January 6, 2021

January 7th – 2 Corinthians 5:17

2 Corinthians 5:17

We serve the God of fresh starts and new beginnings. And to all who would believe, through the death of His Son Jesus on the Cross, God offers a rebirth. For the moment we receive Christ as our Savior we become new creatures, born again, cleansed from sin, and declared righteous. Gone is our old nature as the Holy Spirit indwells us, going to work changing us from the inside out. He gives us the gift of a new nature that no longer chases after the desires of the flesh, but instead fills its desires through chasing after the Lord.

God Can Use Anyone – (Ezra 1:1-3:13)


Ezra 1:1-3:13

The prophet Isaiah wrote a prophecy concerning one whom God called “His anointed”. (Is. 44:28-45:25) A man who God would take by the right hand. A man used by God to subdue nations, rebuild His temple, and shepherd His people. Who was this great man? No other than Cyrus the great. A mighty king of Persia who didn’t know God, and who followed his own rules. And yet roughly 150 years later, this unbelieving king became an instrument of God, proving that not only does God keep His promises, He can use anyone to do so.

News Of The Day – January 6th

Jericho Marchers Gather In Washington DC

Upset with the recent election results, religious supporters of President Donald Trump kicked off a “Jericho March”, marching around the U.S. Capitol. The march was intended to imitate the Israelites march around the city of Jericho in the Book of Joshua. Many also blew shofar’s in protest to what they feel is a stolen election. Jericho Marchers plan to lead another procession on Wednesday, where they hope “God will reveal the truth.” Read more about the march here.


No Charges Filed Against Late Abortion Doctor Who Kept Over 2000 Baby Parts From Abortions 

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, who performed tens of thousands of abortions over the course of his decades-long career, kept aborted baby parts in his Indiana home. He was also routinely accused of medical malpractice and had his license suspended in 2016 after multiple licensing actions and criminal charges. Yet Indiana’s top prosecutor announced Wednesday that he would file no criminal charges or licensing actions after his office completed an investigation. Read more about this despicable “doctor” here.


Peru Christians Swept Downstream During Baptism

As a Christian, one the most powerful experiences we have is when we get baptized. But for a Peruvian woman getting baptized by her brother in a local river, it was a harrowing and possibly life ending event. After Rosa Jiménez Bartolo lowered herself slowly into the hip-high water and started to rise, she lost her balance and the river swept her forward, knocking over her brother. The brown waters carried the pair swiftly downriver, until they were rescued by local police. Read more about her baptism adventure here.


A Rare “Triple Conjunction” Of Planets Occurs In January 

For those who missed or were unable to see the “Bethlehem Star” in December, a new chance to see an astronomical wonder will happen this month. if you look up at the night sky on January 10 you will be able to see a rare ‘triple conjunction’ of planets, as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury form a tight triangle in the sky. The best time to see this phenomenon will be around 45 minutes after sunset on Sunday, by looking low in the sky toward the southwest horizon. Read more about this nighttime event here.