Day: January 10, 2021

Emulating Jesus – (Acts 7)

Acts 7

These days it seems you can’t listen to the news without hearing stories of Christians being persecuted or killed, with little public outcry. Not surprising from a world that rejects Jesus. As times become more perilous, we as followers need to be prepared to suffer and possibly lay down our lives for our Savior. And just like Stephen, the Church’s first martyr, we can become powerful witnesses whose testimony can change lives. …

January 11th – Revelation 21:5

Revelation 21:5

When it comes to renewal, we need look no further than God. For He promises a great rebirth of the dying and decaying world in which we live. After the great throne judgement, God will make a new heaven and a new earth. Washed away will be the old, restored it to its original glory. Then the holy city of the new Jerusalem will come down out of heaven where we will dwell with the presence of God for eternity. And in this new perfect world, gone forever are pain and sorrow. Never again will our hearts feel the hurt of sadness or our eyes the sting of a shed tear of anguish. Oh how we can sing great praises to God for His words are faithful and true!

January 10th – Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah 40:31

Do you ever get frustrated when you don’t see your resolutions come to fruition? If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to making changes, for those who go it on their own, the outcome is almost always certain failure. Because no matter how good are our intentions, the human spirit is weak, and change is hard. But when we team up with God, and walk in His strength, the impossible becomes possible. For not only does the Lord promise victory, but through Him, we will reach the finish line renewed, refreshed, and soaring like an eagle!