News Of The Day – January 11th

Conservative Social Media Site Parler Shut Down

After being removed by from the Google Play Store, and Apple App store, the social media platform. Parler, has been shut down.  After threatening to do so, Amazon cut Parler off from its Web-hosting service, forcing it to find a new host or shut down. “We are clearly being singled out,” said Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff. The same standards aren’t being applied to other big tech companies. Read more about this attempt to silence conservatives voices here.


Chinese Uighurs Forced Into Factory Labor

China is well known for its religious persecution. Just ask the Uighurs. Thousands of Muslims from China’s Uighur minority group, have been removed from internment camps and forced into factory labor. According to a report from The Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the factories claim to be part of the supply chain for 83 well-known global brands, including Nike, Apple and Dell. Read more about these vulgar actions by the Chinese government here.


Newly Elected Senator, Raphael Warnock Will Continue Pastor Work

Georgia’s newest senator Reverend Raphael Warnock will continue to be both a pastor and a congressman. “It’s unusual for a pastor to get involved in something as messy as politics, but I see this as a continuation of a life of service: first as an agitator, then an advocate, and hopefully next as a legislator,” Warnick said.  “I say I’m stepping up to my next calling to serve, not stepping down from the pulpit.” Read more about his senate win and future plans here.


British Plumber Hailed for Acts of Kindness

James Anderson, a plumber from the UK, is being called a hero. Anderson, who works on a volunteer basis and takes no wages for himself, owns a non-for-profit plumbing company that he started two years ago called DEPHER, which stands for Disabled & Elderly Plumbing and Heating Emergency Repair. He wants to help alleviate the costs of plumbing for elderly and others in need, and his company has helped more than 10,000 families. Read more about this good Samaritan here.