Day: January 12, 2021

Loving One Another – (John 13)

John 13

When you think of Jesus what is the first thing that pops into your head? For me it is His love. His love that He so freely and joyfully gives to me. A love that is so strong, He laid down His life to call me His own. And I in return love Him. But that isn’t enough. For Jesus wants more than my love, He wants me to love others with the same passion that I reserve for Him. …

January 12th – Psalm 65:11

Psalm 65:11

With so much division in the world and so many hurting, it can be hard to be optimistic about the year ahead. But as Christians we don’t place our hope in the world, our hope is found in Jesus. For no matter the world events, the changing seasons, or plans of the Enemy, God has crowned the year with His goodness and abundance! That means whatever this world throws at us, we can be filled with hope and confidence. Hope in the promises of God, and confidence that in His love and goodness, He will not only meet our needs, but do so graciously and abundantly!