Day: January 25, 2021

News Of The Day – January 25th

Tennessee Governor Lifts Some Restrictions On Houses Of Worship

For many, one the hardest parts of the epidemic has been the closing of their local house of worship. But now, Christians in Tennessee are getting some new hope. Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, has issued a new executive order Tuesday lifting some gathering restrictions put in place at the end of 2020. Although the governor warns that church services, weddings and funerals are encouraged to occur virtually, he has lifted the previous 10 person limit on social gatherings in indoor spaces. Read more about the new orders here.


Black Churches Stepping Up To Help In Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

Although covid-19 vaccines have been developed, the government has been struggling to get the vaccines in the arms of Americans across the country. Now black churches in Florida have stepped up to aid the community. Pastor, R. B. Holmes Jr., along with other black worship leaders, have organized the Statewide Coronavirus Vaccination Community Education and Engagement Task Force. The group is partnering with hospitals and the state to better distribute vaccines as they become available through local churches to the people who are most at risk. Read more about their efforts here.


Christian Leaders Call For Lift Of Sanctions Against Syria

Church leaders in the Middle East, have written a letter to the new US President Joe Biden urging him to end restrictions in the war torn area of Syria. The middle east worship leaders called on President Biden to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the country, which is threatening the whole region and the world with a new wave of instability. Nearly 400,000 Syrians have died and over 11 million have been displaced since the uprising against Syrian President Assad began in 2011. Read more of these religious leaders pleas here.


Chinese Gold Miners Rescued

 Twenty two people have been trapped underground in the city of Qixia, Shandong Province, since an explosion blocked their exit on January 10. But now, eleven of those miners have been rescued, Chinese state media reported. The fate of 10 others who were underground at the time is unknown. Explosions and deaths are not uncommon in Chinese mines. but Increased supervision has improved safety in China’s mining industry, which used to average 5,000 deaths per year. Read more about the rescue here.


Has Jesus Disappointed You? – (Matthew 21)

Matthew 21

Have you ever been disappointed by Jesus? You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “What!? Of course not!” But if we’re truly being honest, wouldn’t the answer be yes? Maybe it’s something that you’ve really wanted or deserved that you didn’t receive. Perhaps you’ve been in a situation that wasn’t resolved to your expectations. Whatever the reason, if you’ve ever felt the sting of disappointment you are not alone. …

January 25th – Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah 41:10

Life is full of change. But change is hard, and not all of it is good. Yet each day, through the good and bad, God is with us. He cares, and is actively involved in every aspect of our lives. The Lord strengthens us by sending the Holy Spirit to guide us, and His precious Word to direct our steps. And in His great mercy, when we cry out to Him, God will answer our call. For with His mighty right hand He upholds us in righteousness, and promises to never forsake us. So today and every day, be bold, be strong, and be fearless. For the Lord is with us and His unending love will never fail!