Day: February 8, 2021

News Of The Day – February 8th

California Churches Reopened

In a win for Christians who want to attend in person worship services in California, the Supreme Court has ruled in their favor. Now California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has issued new guidelines. The guidelines were released about 24 hours after the Supreme Court, ruling in a lawsuit brought by South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista, struck down Newsom’s rules forbidding indoor services. On a 6-3 vote, the court said the California rules violated the church’s First Amendment rights. Read more about this victory here.


Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood

In a move that has pro-life supporters celebrating, Texas has now officially defunded Planned Parenthood. The Lone Star state has successfully removed the abortion company from the state’s list of eligible Medicaid providers. The move comes a few months after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas had the right to determine for itself whether or not to fund a particular provider through its Medicaid program. Read more about the Texas decision here.


Fabric Found Relating To King David Era

In an exciting new discovery, archeologists have found a fabric  dating back to Israel’s King David. Researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority, Bar Ilan University and Tel Aviv University said they had identified pieces of fabric dyed “true purple” dating to the 10th century BCE, when the Hebrew Bible says David and Solomon ruled in Jerusalem. The team discovered the material in the Timna Valley, at a site known as Slaves’ Hill. Read more about the discovery here.


Kenya Woman Recycles Plastic Into Bricks

Kenya born materials engineer, Nzambi Matee, has started a factory which produces plastic bricks which are five times stronger than concrete. The plastic waste is mixed with sand, heated and then compressed into bricks. The factory has recycled 20 tons of waste plastic since its founding in 2017 and produces 1,500 bricks each day, made from a mix of different kinds of plastic. Read more about this recycling wonder here.

February 8th – Galatians 5:13

Galatians 5:13

Once we lived under the burden of the Law. But with His death and resurrection, Christ became the perfect fulfillment of that Law. His sacrifice purchased the freedom for us to now live under grace. But make no mistake. That grace is no “license to sin” card. It doesn’t give us liberty to lead lives dedicated to fleshly desires. Instead the grace extended to us through the blood of Jesus, gives us the freedom to serve others in love. To set aside our worldly nature for a Christlike one, which values the needs of others above our own.