Day: February 9, 2021

The One True Gospel – (Galatians 1)

Galatians 1

After returning to Antioch, Paul learned that Judaizers, (Jewish Christians who believed in salvation through both grace and works) were stirring up trouble in the churches of Galatia. These Judaizers were teaching a false gospel of Gentiles being required to keep the Jewish laws in order to be saved. So in response, Paul wrote a letter to the members calling them back to the one true gospel.

February 9th – Psalm 143:8

Psalm 143:8

Each morning is a gift from God lined with fresh opportunities. And there is no better way to start the day than in prayer. A prayer for God’s wisdom, guidance, and lovingkindness. Just like David, who cried out to the Father for His teaching and leadership, we too need to make the same plea. For God’s mercies are new with each dawn, and He will always lead us in the right direction. So today and each day, start your morning with God, trust Him to perfectly guide each of your steps, and give thanks for His  never ending tenderness and devotion!