Day: February 12, 2021

News Of The Day – February 12th

New Allegations Against Late Ravi Zacharias

A 12 page report released Thursday by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries confirms multiple accuse allegations, including rape, against the late Evangelist. The report was commissioned after media reports last fall quoted three anonymous massage therapists as saying that Zacharias sexually harassed and grabbed them at spas with which he was affiliated, located not far from RZIM headquarters near Atlanta. Read more about the report here.


Megachurch Pastor Embroiled In Bitter Divorce

Guillermo Maldonado, the leader of the King Jesus International Ministry, has invited President Donald Trump and other Republican politicians to his pulpit. But now, Maldonado has been entangled in a contentious divorce. The pastor and his wife are fighting over an estimated 120 million dollars. Ana Maldonado filed for divorce from her husband of 32 years of marriage. She alleges he was emotionally and verbally abusive to her, and believes he is illegally profiting from the megachurch. Read more about the divorce here.


Christian African Prisoners Released

Known for the persecution of Christians, the government of Africa has released 70 Christians from three prisons in Eritrea, Africa. Six women were freed on Jan. 27 after they were arrested last September for publicly worshipping outside in Dekemhare. And on Feb. 1, the government released 21 female and 43 male prisoners who had been detained near the capital city of Asmara. Some of them had been imprisoned for up to 12 years without ever being charged or tried in court. Read more about the releases here.


4k Space videos From Nasa

NASA is catching some breathtaking video from outer space thanks to 4k technology. Because of the Hubble Telescope, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, and the world’s astronauts and astro-engineers who have been bringing 4K ultra-HD video cameras up to the International Space Station with them, hours and hours of 4K footage has been captured. This offers interested viewers a fascinating video gallery of immersive imagery, as well as generating recreations of past events in high-definition renderings. See more of these images here.

February 12th – Jeremiah 31:3

Jeremiah 31:3

Many times throughout their history, Israel rejected God. Yet in His grace and mercy, when the people repented and turned back to Him, God always joyfully welcomed them back. Why? Because in His unfathomable grace and love, God wants nothing more than to have a close personal relationship with His children. That means no matter what we’ve done, or how far we’ve drifted from Him, when we come back to God in true humility and repentance, He will receive us with that same joy. Nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from God’s love, so don’t walk, run back into His loving arms!