Month: February 2021

February 2nd – 1 Corinthians 16:14

1 Corinthians 16:14

In his letter to the Corinthians Paul instructed the people to be alert, stand firm, and be strong. But above all else, whatever they did, both great and small, was to be done in love. And Paul calls us to do the same. For if we are truly followers of Jesus, our goal should be to become reflections of His character. And one of the greatest characteristics of Jesus is His unmerited and unconditional love for all. We too can exhibit that same love when we allow the Holy Spirit to work on our hearts, softening them to allow Christ’s love to flow through to others.

News Of The Day – February 1st



Poll Shows More People Are Trusting Doctors Over Pastors

In a year when faith is needed more than ever, a new study has found that Americans’ trust of pastors has reached a near all-time low point in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, while medical professionals are deemed more trustworthy. The study also found that women were more likely to rate pastors as ethical than men. The recent Gallup results marked the second time Gallup surveyed Americans on their trust of different occupations, in which less than 2 to 5 gave clergy high ratings. Read more about these startling results here.


Museum Of The Bible Returns Artifacts

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, has returned 5,000 manuscripts and bits of papyrus to Egypt, which has long asserted the items were stolen from the country in 2011 amid the upheavals of the Arab Spring. The museum says its mission is to keep the Bible relevant to the modern age. Its collection of bibles dating to the 10th century has been applauded by scholars. Read more about the return here.


Black History Month Begins Today

February marks the start of Black History Month, a federally recognized celebration of the contributions African Americans have made to this country and a time to reflect on the continued struggle for racial justice. Black History Month originally started as National Negro History Week back in 1926. It was founded by Harvard-trained historian Carter G. Woodson and prominent minister Jesse E. Moorland. It fell on the second week of February to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. Read more about this national holiday here.


Chick-fil-A Employee Gives Away Car

Chick-fil-a prides itself on serving people with honor dignity and respect and a 17-year-old Wisconsin employee did just that when she gave the car she won to a fellow coworker and friend. Haley Bridges won a chick-fil-a Christmas raffle and decided to give the car she won to her best friend Hokule’a Taniguchi, who didn’t own a car. and had been traveling to and from work on a bike. Read more about her generous gift here.


February 1st – Colossians 3:14

Colossians 3:14

Over 300 times the word love is mentioned in the Bible. That’s because of all the virtues God wants us to have, love is the most important. Love is the virtue that brings unity not division. It is one of the greatest fruits of the Spirit, and one of the greatest characteristic of a Christian. For we worship a God that doesn’t just love, He is love. And the love and grace He so generously bestows upon us, we should be extending to those around us. So today and everyday, love! Love God, love yourself, and love others!