Day: March 15, 2021

God’s Word Is True – (1 Timothy 1)


1 Timothy 1 

Timothy, a Galatian born in Lystra, was a young man who after receiving Christ as his Savior, became the Apostle Paul’s protégé and part of his missionary team. He was eventually sent out by Paul to advise churches on how to run the body of Christ, how to deal with false teachings, and what the conduct of the minister should be. Knowing the great responsibility he carried, Paul wrote this letter to Timothy to share his love, encouragement, and guidance. …

March 15th – Romans 8:6

Romans 8:6

Renewal begins with the mind. When our thoughts are focused on the things of the world, they lead us down a path of death and destruction. But when our thoughts are set on the Spirit, the path we follow is one leading to peace and life. All this fallen world can offer our souls is rebellion against God, for its ruler is Satan. But God offers us not just eternal life, but an abundant life (John 10:10), filled with His love, grace, mercy, and blessings. So each day put on a heavenly mindset, protect yourself from the world, and set your thoughts on the One who loves you the most!