Day: March 30, 2021

News Of The Day – March 30th

Nike Sues Over Satan Shoe

In yet another example of the degradation of today’s society, rapper and singer Lil Nas X launched a controversial pair of “Satan Shoes” featuring a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross and a drop of real human blood. And what is even sadder, they sold out almost immediately. Nike is suing to keep the rapper from selling the shoes and prevent the use of its famous Swoosh design mark. Read more about the lawsuit here.


New Poll Shows Less than Half Of Americans Attend Church

Although the covid-19 has closed down many churches, a new poll shows that even without the pandemic, many professing Christians don’t regularly attend church. For the first time since the late 1930s, fewer than half of Americans say they belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque, according to a new report from Gallup. Church membership is down across religious groups, but Catholics saw a bigger drop than Protestants. Read more about the Gallup poll here.


Woman Gets Jailtime For Threatening To Bomb Catholic School

Same sex marriage is a a hot button issue, and for one California woman, her actions landed her in trouble with the law. Sonia Tabizada, a 36-year-old from San Jacintowas sentenced to 15 months and 13 days in federal prison for threatening to blow up a Washington, D.C.-based Catholic school that planned to publish same-sex wedding announcements. Tabizada sent multiple messages threatening to kill people. Read more about her sentence here.


Dutch Land Engineer Wants To Turn The Sinai Desert Into The Sinai Forest

Ties Van der Hoeven, founder of The Weather Makers Holistic Engineering, wants to turn the Biblical land of Sinai, where Egypt meets Asia, into a lush forest. And not merely content with only transforming Sinai, The Weather Makers are looking to improve the prospects of the entire region. Their goal is to take the dry, arid desert, and turn it into green productive farmland, and return Lake Bardawil in the Sinai Peninsula back to a normal state. The lake waters once reached down 20-40 meters. Read more about the project here.


March 30th – 1 Corinthians 10:13

1 Corinthians 10:13

Making changes is never easy. Everywhere we turn, we are faced with temptation. But no matter what the Enemy entices us with, we have the power to say no. How? Through the power of God. The Lord promises that no matter how strong the urge, when we give that urge to Him, we can overcome. For He is faithful to never allow us to be tempted beyond our breaking point. And not only we will not break, God vows to give us an escape from any and all temptation. So when you feel weak, stand in God’s strength and you’ll be victorious every time!