Month: March 2021

March 11th – Hebrews 10:22

Hebrews 10:22

When we receive Jesus as our Savior, we become adopted children into God’s family. That means never again do we have to face the world alone. Now we can draw near to the Lord with the full assurance that He will never forsake us. And not only will He answer our calls, God sends the Holy Spirit to indwell us, who begins working on our hearts and minds. And when we surrender completely to Him, God will remove the evil from our conscience, and shower us clean with His holy, pure water.

March 10th – Colossians 3:10

Colossians 3:10 

Who doesn’t love putting on a beautiful brand new outfit? When we receive Jesus as our Savior, we get the grandest of all clothes. Before we knew Him, we wore filthy rags of sin. But now we are clothed in white robes of righteousness, glorious and clean. And each day, we are to put on the beautiful outfit Jesus died to purchase for us. We do this by allowing the Holy Spirit to renew our hearts and minds as we spend time daily in God’s Word. So each morning get up, get dressed, and give thanks for new self God offers to all who believe in Him!

News Of The Day – March 9th

Kirk Cameron’s Campfire Revival A Big Hit

Christian, actor, and producer Kirk Cameron is nearly midway into his 100-day plan where he prays for restoration within the country during the “American Campfire Revival.” In his videos, which feature a campfire in the background, Cameron evangelizes and tells Christians that they belong to God and encourages them to live lives that are honoring to God. Anywhere from 300,000-500,000 people have been joining Cameron’s uplifting events. Read more about his revival here.


Missouri Pastor On Leave After telling Women To Lose Weight

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark of First General Baptist in Malden, Missouri, told his congregation that too many women “let themselves go” after they get married. He added, “Most women can’t be trophy wives, but you know, maybe you’re a participation trophy.” After facing backlash for his sermon, the pastor is now on leave. A statement on the church’s website says Clark has “taken a leave of absence and is seeking professional counseling.” Read more of his derogatory comments towards women here.


Former NFL Tight End Benjamin Watson Prolife Champion

New England Patriots former player, Benjamin Watson has taken on one of the major issues driving our polarization, abortion. A proponent of overturn Roe vs Wade, Watson called out Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Tuesday for asserting the 1973 Supreme Court decision granting nationwide legal cover to abortion  “must remain the law of the land.” Watson, a speaker at the 2016 March For Life, said the priority must be to “support all life” no matter who is in the White House. Read more about his stance on abortion here. 


A Rare Quadruple Formation Will Appear In Night Sky This Week

Shortly after 5 a.m. on March 10, look to the eastern sky for a unique perspective of our solar system. A thin waning crescent moon will rise below a string of three aligned lights — Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. Saturn will be the highest, while Jupiter will be the brightest. Both will guide you down and to the left toward Mercury, the innermost planet. This unique formation helps us picture the configuration of our home around the sun. Read more about this rare alignment here.

March 9th – 2 Timothy 1:6

2 Timothy 1:6

It’s easy to get complacent in our relationship with God. But just like the embers of a fire need stirring to reignite a fire, so do the embers in our hearts. For if our fire for the Lord goes out, what benefit are we to Him? Because each gift God blesses us with, is for the purpose of furthering His kingdom and blessing others. And so He calls to, through the Holy Spirit, stoke our embers, renew our hearts and minds, and work mightily for Him. So kindle afresh your gifts, stoke your fire, and burn brightly for the world to see!

The Qualities Of Love – 1 Corinthians 13


1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13 is one of best known passages in the Bible on the subject of love. It’s read at countless weddings, including my own. But weddings and romance weren’t on Paul’s mind in this teaching. Instead it’s aimed at a church full of division, whose focus was on the gifts of the spirit instead of the fruit of the spirit, especially love. …

March 8th – 2 Corinthians 4:16

2 Corinthians 4:16

Our society is obsessed with holding on to youth. But it is a losing venture since aging and decay go hand in hand with living in a fallen world. But one day, when Jesus calls us home, we will trade these perishable bodies for new glorious, perfectly eternal ones. And until then, our focus shouldn’t be on the outside, but on our hearts and minds. We should be fully committed to the renewal of our insides that God, through the Holy Spirit, offers us each day. A renewal that no injection or supplement could offer, and no deterioration can touch!

March 7th – Titus 3:5

Titus 3:5

What a wonderful God we serve. Knowing how wicked and sinful we are, God still wanted to save us. Not because of anything we did or could ever do to earn it. But all because of His amazing grace. And out of that grace, not only does He offer us salvation, but He refuses to leave us in our filthy rags of sin. Instead, through the Holy Spirit, God washes us clean, declares us righteous, and renews our hearts and minds. And all of this God does out of His great mercy for all who receive His precious Son, Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior.

March 6th – Ezekiel 18:31

Ezekiel 18:31

God wants each us to have an abundant life. But that can only happen when we turn away from our sin and turn back to Him. For if we truly want the new hearts and minds God offers, we have to give up our worldly living and self destructive ways. And instead, surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to produce a renewal in our lives. For God longs for a close, personal relationship with each of us. And walking hand in hand with Him, will bring us a lifetime of joy compared to the moment of pleasure that any sin can offer!