Day: April 12, 2021

God forgives And Forgets – Hebrews 7-8

Hebrews 7-8

At its very heart, the message of the gospel is forgiveness. We are all born into sin and enemies of God. Yet because of His unequaled love for us, from the beginning the Lord provided the way to forgiveness. First with the old covenant of blood sacrifices, to the most wonderful new covenant with the sacrifice of Jesus. …

April 12th – Jeremiah 31:3

Jeremiah 31:3

We all sin against God. And whether it be with our actions, thoughts, or tongue, even the greatest Christian fails daily. But because of His unmerited grace, when we confess and repent, God is eager to forgive. And the amazing grace He extends is a result of His great love. A love that is everlasting and true, and one that nothing can ever take away from us. (Rom. 8:31-39) For no matter how we may fail Him, the Lord will never fail us. We are His beloved children. Our Father in heaven will never forsake those He loves, instead drawing us to Himself with His kindness and steadfast love.