Day: April 21, 2021

Friends With The World – James 4

James 4

After Stephen was martyred in Jerusalem, the Jewish Christians were persecuted, driven from the city, and scattered throughout the land. They were unwelcome in their new communities, and faced great pressure to fit in with those around them. These Jews felt the pull of drifting back into their old ways. They tried to walk with one foot on the worldly path and the other on the path of God. But the ways of God and of the world are so completely opposite that it’s impossible to love one without hating the other. And as James warns, “friendship with the world, is hostility toward God.” (v. 4) …

April 21st – Ephesians 1:7

Ephesians 1:7

When we think of Jesus hanging nailed to the Cross, our hearts break at the torture He suffered. But in actuality, the Cross is Jesus’ greatest triumph. For it was there that the debt we owed was paid, and death was forever conquered. And because of the richness of His grace, we are redeemed, called righteous, and become adopted heirs in God’s family. Our sins are blotted out, we are called beloved, and no do we longer face the penalty of our transgressions. Now, through the love of Jesus, we are freed from being slaves to the world and its wickedness.