Month: May 2021

May 31st – Exodus 33:14

Exodus 33:14

Even though the Israelites were God’s chosen people, they continually sinned against Him. And constantly Moses interceded on their behalf. God is always looking for sincere, devout individuals to pray for their country. For as James 5:26 declares, “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results.” Our nation was one founded on the Word of God. And we as American Christians should be on our knees before the Lord. We need to be praying for the repentance of our people and that God will remain in our midst. For a country without God is doomed to fail. But to a country whose people put God at the forefront and abide in Him, He promises His continued presence, peace, and rest.

May 30th – John 14:17

John 14:17

Knowing Jesus was about to ascend to the Father made the disciples feel lost and alone. But the Lord wasn’t leaving them to fend for themselves. Instead, Jesus would be sending them a Helper. Someone to continue guiding, teaching, and aiding them in God’s work. This person was the Holy Spirit. Once only available to a chosen few, now through the blood of Jesus, the Spirit comes to everyone who confesses Jesus as their Savior. The Spirit abides in us as we abide in Jesus. And through His power we are saved, filled, sealed, and sanctified. The Holy Spirit reveals to us God’s thoughts and truths. He intercedes to God on our behalf, and bestows His gifts upon us. And most of all, the Holy Spirit, fills believers with “all joy and peace” as they trust the Lord, causing believers to “overflow with hope” (Romans 15:13).

May 29th – Psalm 17:8

Psalm 17:8

The term “apple of my eye” is used many times throughout the Bible. The English word for “apple” in Hebrew is “little man”, meaning the reflection we see when looking into another’s eyes. It wasn’t until later that the phrase was used to describe something precious. Yet precious is just how God sees us, and those who abide in Him are indeed the apples of His eyes. Because God delights in His people who walk with Him in loving obedience. We are His treasures, and He cares about every detail of our lives. And just as a mama bird shelters her young under her wings, God is our protection and refuge from the storms of life.

A Just God Demands Justice – Micah 1:1-4:13


Micah 1:1-4:13

Micah was a prophet called from his hometown of Moresheth to deliver God’s message of judgement against Israel. Corruption and abuse had become the practices of the rich and powerful against the poor. And Micah warned the people of God’s approaching consequences against those oppressing others for their own personal gain. For the Lord is holy and righteous, and He expects the same from His people. And a just God demands justice. …

May 28th – Colossians 2:14

Colossians 2:14

Each of us are born with an IOU. A payment of sin debt that must be paid. For God’s Law is perfect, and all have transgressed against that Law. And as such, a death warrant has been issued in our name. But because of His great love, God was willing to take our debt upon Himself. Knowing no one could be perfect enough to reconcile the wrongs against Him, God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to pay what we cannot. He nailed His Son to a Cross of wood not just to provide us a pardon, but to pay our penalty in full. And to those who abide in Him, with His precious blood, Christ nailed our death warrant to the Cross with Him. Canceling every debt we owe forever!

May 27th – Philippians 4:8

Philippians 4:8

The mind is a powerful thing. Our thoughts are the main ingredient of this power, and what shapes our reality. That’s why God tells us to focus our thoughts on good things. Holy, true, and honorable things. It’s these good thoughts that lead us closer to Him, and keeps the Enemy from building destructive strongholds in our minds. And when we abide in the Lord, and keep our thoughts on Him, God promises to keep us in His perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3) Taking control of our minds isn’t easy, but through God not impossible. And when we are masters of our thoughts, we can respond to the world around us as God does; in love, grace, and righteousness.

May 26th – James 2:5

James 2:5

The world in which we live values celebrity and wealth above all else. And those with are treated much different than those without.  But in actuality, if we have faith and a heart for Christ, we are the richest of all. God isn’t impressed by the riches we possess or our status in society. God looks at our hearts. And to those who abide in Him in love and obedience, He gives the greatest richest of all. When we receive Jesus as our Savior, we are transformed into royalty. Through Christ, we become adopted heirs in the kingdom of God. Our sins are forgiven our debts cancelled, and we will spend eternity at the side of the King!

News Of The Day – May 25th

Evangelical Colleges Consider Making Vaccination Requirements

Should you be forced to get a covid-19 vaccination in  order to participate in life? A hotly debated topic, and one being considered by evangelical colleges. Out of the roughly 140 US schools that belong to the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, so far only one is planning to require students to receive COVID-19 vaccines before starting school in the fall: Seattle Pacific University. The Chronicle of Higher Education has identified 375 US schools that are requiring vaccinations. About 50 percent of them are private institutions; 48 percent, public. Read more about the school’s decision here.


Alliance For The Unreached Urges Christians To Pray for Those Without Access To The Bible

Shockingly, still one-third of the world’s population still lack access to the Bible, the church, and other believers. And as such The Alliance For The Unreached, organized a coalition of more than 50 Christian ministries in launching a 33-day prayer challenge to raise awareness. The 1:11 Prayer Challenge, which began on Sunday at 1:11 p.m. in each U.S. time zone, urges Christians around the country to take a moment each day for 33 days at 1:11 p.m. to pray for those who do not have access to the Bible or other believers. Read more about the challenge here. 



Ohio Megachurch Donating $2.5 Million 

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Crossroads Church will donate $2.5 million to local, national and international nonprofits over the next five-plus months. “God has blessed Crossroads over the past 25 years and we don’t take that lightly, so we want to use what we’ve been given to bring positive change in the communities we serve,” the church’s founder and Senior Pastor Brian Tome said in a statement. “That means sharing our resources with partners who are doing good work. Where God is moving, we want to be investing.” The multi-campus church, started in Cincinnati in 1995, now has 10 locations throughout Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton and Lexington. Read more about the donations here.


Total Lunar Eclipse And Full Super Moon Happening In May

The first total lunar eclipse in more than two years coincides with a super moon this week for quite a cosmic show. This super “blood” moon will be visible on Wednesday across the Pacific as well as the western half of North America, the bottom of South America and eastern Asia. the total eclipse will last about 15 minutes as Earth passes directly between the moon and the sun. But the entire show will last five hours, as Earth’s shadow gradually covers the moon, then starts to ebb. The reddish-orange color is the result of all the sunrises and sunsets in Earth’s atmosphere projected on to the surface of the eclipsed moon. Read more about the sky spectacle here.

May 25th – James 1:22

James 1:22

The Bible is more than just a good book to read from time to time. The Bible is the inerrant Word of God. And as such, we need to be not just readers or hearers, but doers of God’s Word. The Bible is our handbook for life. It shows us how to live, how to treat others, and how to please God. Luke 11:28 tells us that all who hear the Word of God and put it into practice are blessed. And although walking according to God’s Word isn’t always easy, it is always beneficial. Because abiding in the Lord and His Word, gives us everything we need to become doers, producing good fruits for the glory of God and His kingdom.

A New Heaven And Earth – Revelation 21-22

Revelation 21-22

Do you ever wonder how we as believers will spend eternity? In these last chapters of Revelation, John answers that question when he reveals what is known as the “eternal state”, or the eternal destiny of believers. And the picture he paints is one of such peace, joy, and love, that I too can’t help but cry, “Maranatha!” Come Lord Jesus! …