Day: May 6, 2021

News Of The Day – May 6th

Lubbock Texas Votes To Become Sanctuary City for The Unborn

In a victory for pro life supporters, citizens in Lubbock, Texas voted this past weekend to declare the city a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn. The city’s measure declares performing or aiding in an abortion unlawful. The passage of the ordinance makes Lubbock one of some two dozen cities that have declared themselves sanctuary cities for the unborn. Supporters of the measure say it reflects the views held by many in conservative Lubbock. They believe the ordinance would stand up in court and say they have an attorney who will defend the city free of charge if it is challenged. Read more about the measure here.


Christian And Missionary Alliance Considers Women “Pastors”

When it comes to women being pastors, Christians are deeply divided. The CMA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) consecrates and licenses women for ministry but does not permit them to use the title “pastor.” The term is restricted to men who can be elders, even though not all pastors are elders in CMA churches and not all elders are ordained pastors. But now that may change. The CMA is considering changing the title restrictions at the denomination’s annual General Council meeting, scheduled for both Nashville and online at the end of May, allowing women to be called pastors in the future. Read more about the pending decision here.


NBA Star Tobias Harris Puts Jesus In All He Does

As a member of the Philadelphia 76ers for the past three seasons, Tobias Harris  is gaining a reputation for his gifts on the court as well as his humanitarian work off of the court. His work off the court consists of community outreach for underprivileged youth nationwide and in Philadelphia. Tobias said he uses every interaction with other people to show them “the light” inside him, which he says is God. He is also quoted as previously saying, “Any person I meet, I try to embrace them and show them love so that they know I’m a Christian. Jesus Christ was a loving man. And as Christians, we have to try to model our lives after Jesus Christ.” Read more about this inspirational man here.


Maryland Good Samaritan Rescues Baby

Maryland fire officials are crediting a Good Samaritan with saving a child’s life after the infant was ejected from a vehicle during a car crash and sent flying into a body of water. When authorities arrived, they soon discovered that one pediatric patient was ejected from the car teetering over the guardrail and landed into the Assawoman Bay. But thanks to the hero who jumped into the water, rescuing the baby, tragedy was avoided. The infant was later airlifted to John Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Baltimore, while seven other patients were transported via ambulance to various hospitals in the area, fire officials confirmed. Read more about the accident here.


May 6th – 1 John 1:3

1 John 1:3

The apostle John spent over three years walking alongside Jesus. He lived, worked, ate, loved, laughed, and cried by the side of our Savior. John saw firsthand the miracles, mercy, and grace Jesus exhibited daily. And the close, personal relationship with Christ John had, he wants for us as well. So John shared with the world his testimony of the goodness of the Lord, and the salvation that Jesus alone offers. And just as Jesus walked with John, when we abide in Him, He walks with us well. What a wonderful truth it is to know that not a single day will go by without Jesus by our side!