Day: May 11, 2021

News Of The Day – May 11th

Mississippi Pastor Killed when Plane Crashes Into His Home

A  community in Hattiesburg Mississippi, is in mourning and pulling together to help the family of a local pastor killed by a plane crash. Gerry Standley, assistant pastor at Wayside Holy Temple Church, his wife Melinda, their daughter Arrianna and their grandson Eli were all home and asleep when an aircraft crashed into the home. Gerry lost his life when the house burst into flames. The family is now accepting donations to cover funeral costs and damages from the fire. Read more about how you can help this family here.


Biden Reversal May Effect Religious Liberty Of Doctors

The Biden administration has announced it is reversing a Trump-era policy that advocates say protected the religious liberty of Christian doctors. At issue is a portion of the Affordable Care Act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex within health care. Previously interpreted by the Trump administration to refer to “male or female and as determined by biology,” the Biden administration now prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, including transgenderism. Enforcement of the new rule is effective immediately, and critics say Christian doctors and other religious medical personnel may be forced to perform gender-transition procedures, including surgery which go against their religious beliefs. Read more about the reversal here.


Author Outs Mega Pastors Who Wear Expensive Sneakers

Ben Kirby is the creator of the Instagram account,  PreachersNSneakers, where he caused an uproar after showing the values of the shoes mega pastors were wearing on stage. After gaining over 144,000 followers in just a week, Kirby knew he had struck a nerve. He has since written a book titled, PreachersNSneakers: Authenticity in an Age of For-Profit and (Wannabe) Celebrities (Thomas Nelson), which gives readers a chance to take a sober look at whether they have bought into the celebrity culture of Christianity. Read more about the book here.

10 Year Old Once Homeless Nigerian Boy Becomes U.S. National Chess Master 
Tanitoluwa Adewumi, more commonly known by his nickname “Tani”, is a 10-year old boy who lives in New York, and is now officially a U.S. National Chess Master. It is a dream come true for the boy who won the New York State chess championship while living in a homeless shelter when he was just 8-years old. Adewumi won his latest championship when he ultimately earned a chess rating of 2223. The United States National Chess Master title is given to players who reached a rating of over 2200 points accrued from games, which Adewumi achieved. During their first years in New York City, his family was living in a homeless shelter near a school where there was a chess program. When several people learned about his situation, a GoFundMe fundraiser was launched and eventually raised $254,000, which helped them move to a better home where they currently reside. Read more about this amazing boy here.

May 11th – Psalm 25:20

Psalm 25:20

Being a Christian comes with a target on our backs. Because the moment we announce that we follow Jesus, people start watching. They want to see if our words line up with our deeds. And there are some who wait in the wings to watch us fall. Gleefully they use the opportunity to mock both us and God. But for those who abide in the Lord and make Him their refuge, there is no shame to be found.  For God is steadfast in love and faithfulness. And in His perfect, unmerited grace, He delivers us from our enemies and silences the critics.