Day: May 14, 2021

More than enough – Luke 9

Luke 9

After being sent out by Jesus to preach the gospel, the disciples returned to give an account to the Lord of all they had done. Wanting to hear their news and spend time alone with them, Jesus took the twelve to the city of Bethsaida. However, others were also eager for the teaching and healing of the Lord. And a large crowd followed. So instead Jesus spent the day ministering to the people. …

May 14th – Romans 8:16

Romans 8:16

Do you ever find yourself wondering if God truly calls you His child? Doubt is a powerful weapon of the Enemy, and he wields it at every turn. In these moments of attacks, we can find reassurance in the Holy Spirit. For He lovingly testifies to our human spirits that when we faithfully abide in Jesus, we are indeed His. So cast aside the lies of Satan. Listen instead to the truth of the Spirit. And stand in God’s promise that the moment we receive Jesus as our Savior we become adopted heirs in the family of Christ, and His beloved children forever.