Month: June 2021

June 30th – 1 Thessalonians 5:6

1 Thessalonians 5:6

We all know the benefits of sleep. And doctors often laud it’s benefits for our minds and bodies. But when it comes to being a Christian, sleep is our enemy. Not the kind our bodies need of course, but the kind that keeps us ignorant, idle, and ineffective for God. The day of the Lord is soon approaching. And as the the world happily goes about it’s sinful ways unaware and uncaring of the of what is to come, we cannot. For the time is short, and there is much work to be done. Jesus said He will be returning. And as His followers He commands us to be alert, sober, and working for God’s kingdom until He comes. We cannot afford sleep, or to be spiritually lazy or uninformed. Instead we should yelling from the rooftops, warning the world of God’s impending judgements. Jesus is coming! Are you awake and ready?

News Of The Day – June 29th

Jim Baker And His Church Settle Covid Lawsuit

Controversial Pastor Jim Baker is in the news again. This time it’s because Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, sued Bakker and his church, Morningside. During the pandemic, Baker  peddled a health supplement, falsely claiming it could cure COVID-19. The pastor along with his church settled the lawsuit agreeing to pay restitution of $156,000. The settlement agreement calls for refunds to people who paid money or gave contributions to obtain a product known as “Silver Solution”. Read more about the lawsuit here.


European Parliament Declares Abortion Access A Human Right

The European Parliament on Thursday passed a controversial resolution proclaiming the safe access to abortion is a human right. The resolution, which passed by 378 to 255 votes, also refers to abortion as an “essential health service”. And it also seeks to redefine conscientious objection as a “denial of medical care” and declares that violations of “sexual and reproductive health and rights” are “a form of violence against women and girls.” Read more about the resolution here.


Christian Musician Deletes Controversial Music Video

Popular Christian singer, Matthew West, thought his new song, “Modest Is Hottest”, was a good nature way of making fun of overprotective dads. West released the song about dads convincing their daughters of the age-old phrase used by Christian parents to encourage their daughters to keep necklines high, shorts lengths long and belly buttons covered. But instead the song was met with intense backlash online. some felt the song placed the responsibility of remaining pure on girls while either absolving men of any responsibility, blaming the victims. In response west deleted the video. Read more about the controversy here.


Blood Test That Can Detect over 50 Types Of Cancer

A new “all-in-one” blood test can detect more than 50 different types of cancer. In a new report, researchers with the European Society for Medical Oncology say the new screening test, which takes 10 days to process, often detects cancer before symptoms appear. It can even pinpoint where in the body a cancerous tumor is located. Lead author, Dr. Eric Klein, chairman of the Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, says, “These data suggest that, if used alongside existing screening tests, the multi-cancer detection test could have a profound impact on how cancer is detected and, ultimately, on public health.” Read more about the new discovery here.

June 29th – 1 John 3:2

1 John 3:2

I don’t know about you, but the older I get the longer it seems to get going in the morning. Gone are the days where I can jump out of bed and start my day without a little warm up. And so it goes with aging. From the day we are born, our bodies begin the process of decay and eventually death. But one day very soon all of that will change. For the Lord is coming for His church. And when the glorified Jesus Christ is revealed, not only will we know Him, we too be revealed with Him in glory. And that includes our bodies. We will discard these frail, sin loving, diseased, and defective bodies, for new perfectly glorified images of Christ. And all because of the great love that God shows us by adopting us into His family and calling His beloved children!

June 28th – Matthew 24:22

Matthew 24:22

At the end of the age, before Jesus comes to set up His earthly kingdom, evil will reign. Sadly, hearts will be hardened and rebellion and lawlessness will rule. God says this will be the most terrible and bloody time the world has ever known. Imagine that! The wars, famines, plagues, genocides, and natural disasters that have happened in the past are nothing compared to the devastation to come. The wicked and their lust for blood and destruction, cause so many deaths, that unless God intervenes, not one single person will survive. But even up until the very end, God demonstrates His great love and mercy. For in His unmerited grace, God has numbered the days of destruction. Because of His devotion to His elect on the earth, He cuts those terrible days short and gathers them unto Himself for eternity!

June 27th – Acts 1:11

Acts 1:11

After His Resurrection, and appearing to the disciples, Jesus ascended to the Father from the Mount of Olives. They watched as a cloud received their Lord and carried Him into heaven. And while they stood staring up at the sky, an angel appeared before them. He told the disciples that just as Jesus left, in the same manner He would come again. And this time, the whole world will witness His magnificent return. As the Antichrist and his minions gather in the valley of Megiddo to wage a final war, Jesus will once again come to the Mount of Olives. Our Savior descends from a cloud, ready to do battle. But the battle is over before it begins. Because the moment Christ’s feet touch the earth, the mountain splits in two creating a valley of escape for His people. And with one supernatural word that Jesus speaks, the Antichrist and his armies are instantly defeated. Evil is destroyed and Jesus begins His glorious millennial reign.

June 26th – Philippians 3:20

Philippians 3:20

Because we are Christians, we are not citizens of this earth, but rather just passing though. Our allegiance is to heaven and our King, Jesus Christ. But until our Savior calls us home, we are to conduct ourselves according to the teachings and commands of our Lord. Jesus directs us to act in both word and deed as the heavenly citizens we are. By forgoing worldly living, we can keep our eyes on the prize. The day Jesus returns. On that magnificent day, our Messiah comes to take us the the place He personally prepared for each of us. Where there we will dwell by His side forever with new glorified bodies. Bodies that will feel no pain, sadness, disease, sickness, or sin. And all we will know is everlasting joy and peace!

No Other Gospel – Galatians 1-2

Galatians 1-2

After returning to Antioch, Paul learned that controversy was brewing among the newly founded churches in the Roman province of Galatia. Some Jewish Christians accused him of “sweetening the pot” to make the message of the gospel more appealing to Gentiles. They disagreed with Paul’s teaching that Gentile believers didn’t need to follow the Jewish laws and customs to receive salvation, and told the members so. …

June 25th – Revelation 19:11

Revelation 19:11

The theme throughout of the book of Revelation is the revealing of Jesus Christ, and the second coming of the Lord back to the earth. When Jesus came the first time, it was as the gentle Lamb on the back of a donkey. But when He returns, it will be as the Lion of Judah on the back of a white charger with eyes of fire. As a mighty Warrior with His saints at His side, Jesus comes to rule, bringing judgement with Him. And as King of kings, and Lord of Lords, Christ establishes His kingdom on earth, conquering the Evil One. Called Faithful and True, Jesus will reign with a rod of righteousness, and tread the wine press of of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty. ( Rev. 19:15)

June 24th – revelation 11:19

Revelation 11:19

The book of Revelation contains wondrous signs and events that will happen prior to Jesus returning and reigning. When the seventh and final trumpet is blown, the long awaited arrival of the kingdom of God on earth will finally be at hand. In a great “amen”, the earth will display an awesome show. Lightening will flash, thunder will peal, hail will rain down, and a great earthquake will shake the world. And all of this to usher in the opening of the majestic, heavenly throne of God. The seat of the great “I am”, Creator and Ruler of all things! And there in God’s temple, the ark of His covenant. The visible presence and promise of God to be forever with His people, the ones He calls His own!