Day: June 22, 2021

News Of The Day – June 22nd

World’s Most Premature Baby Celebrates First Birthday

Proving God still performs miracles, Pro-life supporters around the world, are cheering for Richard Scott William Hutchinson, who despite being born five months prematurely, celebrated his first birthday. His special milestone has been recognized by the Guinness book of world Records, as the world’s most premature baby to survive. At birth Richard weighed weighing just 11.9 ounces, and was so tiny his parents could hold him in a single palm of their hands. Read more about this miracle child here.


American Bishops Seek To Deny president Biden Communion

Because of the radically different views Joe Biden has about the sanctity of life from the Catholic church, U.S. Catholic bishops voted to back a measure that could be an early step toward limiting Communion for President Biden and other Catholic politicians who support abortion rights. This is not the first time that members of the clergy have tried to withhold Communion from Biden. In 2019 he was denied Communion at a Catholic church in South Carolina because of His support for abortion. Read more about the bishops efforts here.



Nigerian Pastor Recently Released From Captivity Finds Out He’s A New Father

Since being abducted and held since October 2020, Rev. Polycarp Zongo of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) has been released by his abductors.  Through the efforts of Ambassador Ummu Kalthum Muhammad, chairperson, and founder of Kalthum Foundation for Peace, the pastor was freed from Boko Haram insurgents. After being reunite with his family, Rev. Zongo learned that his wife had just given birth to the couple’s third child. In thankfulness to God, he sang praises and worship face down on the floor. Read more about his release and blessings here.


Georgia Waitress Pulls driver From Burning Car

When a Georgia waitress took a different way after work, it soon became clear it was no accident. Keelyn Haper saw a fire off the side of the road that turned out to be a woman trapped in a burning vehicle, and she knew she had to help when other passing motorists chose not to. Without any help, Haper was able to pull the woman out of the car and held her in her arms until authorities arrived. The saved woman’s family and the entire community are celebrating this young woman and her heroic efforts. Read more about her amazing actions here.








June 22nd – John 14:1

John 14:1

Just before His arrest and Crucifixion, Jesus dropped some bombshells on His disciples. He warned them about His upcoming death, the betrayal of one of His own, and Peter’s denials. Yet the Lord also comforted them with these words. “Do not let your heart be troubled.” How could their hearts not be troubled after all the heartache that would soon take place? Because rather than being the end, Jesus’ death was the beginning of some wonderful blessings. The Helper, the Holy Spirit, would now come to indwell every believer. And Jesus, as a bridegroom does for his bride, was going to prepare a magnificent, wonderful, place for His beloved church. And one day soon, Christ will return for those who believe in Him, and bring them to their eternal home.