June 27th – Acts 1:11

Acts 1:11

After His Resurrection, and appearing to the disciples, Jesus ascended to the Father from the Mount of Olives. They watched as a cloud received their Lord and carried Him into heaven. And while they stood staring up at the sky, an angel appeared before them. He told the disciples that just as Jesus left, in the same manner He would come again. And this time, the whole world will witness His magnificent return. As the Antichrist and his minions gather in the valley of Megiddo to wage a final war, Jesus will once again come to the Mount of Olives. Our Savior descends from a cloud, ready to do battle. But the battle is over before it begins. Because the moment Christ’s feet touch the earth, the mountain splits in two creating a valley of escape for His people. And with one supernatural word that Jesus speaks, the Antichrist and his armies are instantly defeated. Evil is destroyed and Jesus begins His glorious millennial reign.