July 4th – John 8:36

John 8:36

Jesus said that everyone who believes and abides in Him would know the truth, and the truth would set them free. (John 8:31-32) Each of us is born into the bondage of sin, dead in our trespasses, and separated from God. And the only way we can gain freedom, eternal life, and liberty, is through the blood of Christ. Jesus came to set us free. Free from the slavery of sin, the curse of the Law, and death. Because of His great sacrifice, we have the freedom of life eternal. And that is the greatest freedom of all. A freedom no person, no government, nor even Satan himself can take away. There is no other freedom like what we have in Jesus. No money can buy it, no status can obtain it, no works can earn it, and nothing can match it. It is a gift offered by God through His Son. And a gift no one can take from us. For if Jesus sets us free, we are free indeed!