Day: July 15, 2021

News Of the Day – July 15th

Pastor Apologizes For Banning Bikinis At Christian Camp 

Washington youth Pastor, Bryce Brewer, is under fire for issuing an ultimatum to girls when it came to the swimsuits they chose. Now Brewer has apologized for banning girls at his youth summer camps from wearing bikinis, admitting that it was wrong to lay ‘the weight of purity’ on the girls but not hold boys responsibly for being ‘gross. He went on to say, “I am sorry that we have deemed a young woman’s body as something that “needs to be covered” and let young men’s bodies be OK to be seen.” Read more about his change of heart here.


Archeologists Discover New Section Of Jerusalem’s Ancient Wall

In an exciting discovery, archeologists have uncovered a section of Jerusalem’s outer city wall, built in the 8th century BC. The Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday that the recent discovery of two stretches of stone bulwark from the Iron Age “unequivocally” prove a huge wall once protected the entire eastern flank of ancient Jerusalem. A stone Babylonian stamp seal and a bulla, or a clay impression of a stamp seal, bearing a Judaean personal name, “Tsafan,” were also found near the wall. Read more about the discovery here.


Faith Leaders Focus On Persecution Of Minorities

Today winds up the the first ever International Religious Freedom Summit. The three-day summit featured speakers from all faith communities advocating for religious freedom around the globe. Christians and other religious minorities are facing real persecution around the world, and the 2021 IRF Summit will bring light to these realities and challenge people to become involved by becoming part of the movement to change these realities for persecuted people. The International Religious Freedom summit will bring survivors of severe persecution together with lawmakers and advocates. Read more about the summit here.


Quanesha Burks Held On To God’s Promises While Going From MacDonald’s To Olympics

While working at McDonald’s, Quanesha Burks won 11 state championships and set seven school records, earning a full-ride scholarship to the University of Alabama. Burks became the first in her family to go to college, where she continued to dominate, earning the 2015 NCAA outdoor long jump title as well as the 2016 NCAA indoor long jump title. Now competing in the Tokyo Olympics, Burke says,  “Becoming an Olympian is a promise God made to me before the trials or injuries, I held on to that promise through the good and bad! Being an Olympian is great but it could never be as fulfilling as the joy of knowing how my faith was tested beyond measures and I held on to Gods promise with all the trust I had, and He never left my side.” Read  more about this remarkable athlete here.




July 15th – Galatians 2:4

Galatians 2:4

The gospel as told in the Word of God is perfect and complete. Yet many try distort it’s message of freedom through the blood of Jesus Christ. They add, take away, and twist the scriptures to fit their worldly agendas. They mandate ungodly rules and rituals needed to obtain salvation, forgiveness, and blessings. And Paul says be alert, for they are everywhere. These “false brethren” don’t come with signs, bells, and whistles, announcing their arrival. Instead they slowly sneak their false doctrine into our hearts and minds, leading us back into the very bondage Jesus gave His blood to free us from. So to defend ourselves, we need to spend time daily in the Word of God. We need to know it’s truths and stand on it’s promises. For it is our greatest shield against attacks from all enemies both outside and within.