July 18th – Psalm 91:15

Psalm 91:15

Living in a fallen world means living with fallen people. And because each of has a human nature, even those we love will hurt, disappoint, and even betray us. Yet there is One who we can put our complete faith and trust in. And that’s God. His love is perfect, steadfast, and true. He understands the hurt of disappointment when others let us down. For His Son too was betrayed by one He called brother. So we can put our hearts in His perfect hands, knowing there is no safer place for them to be. Because God will answer every plea, every call, and every cry. He will never forsake or abandon us. Never will He fall short or fail to show up. And because of our love for Him, in times of trouble, God will not only rescue us, but set us securely in a high place of honor.