July 20th – 2 Peter 2:20

2 Peter 2:20

We’ve all heard stories about people who after being freed, return to their abusers. We shake our heads in disbelief and wonder why they they would ever go back. Yet that’s exactly what we do when return to our sinful lifestyle of bondage after receiving freedom through Jesus Christ. As believers we are no longer enslaved to the desires of the world. But sadly, many of us go back to the destructive patterns of the past. We willingly walk back into our jail cells and slap on the cuffs of sin. And each time we return to that prison, we find it harder to break free. Because when we go back, our hearts harden to sin just a little bit more, making it that much more tolerable. It is only when we truly believe in our hearts and minds that happiness can only be found in God, can we walk away from the hold of sin and never again return to the abuse from the Enemy!