July 22nd – Matthew 23:4

Matthew 23:4

The scribes and Pharisees insisted that every letter of the Law be adhered to, and everyone follow it to a T. They were pious, and outwardly righteous. And they clung to their self-made rules and regulations. These “religious” leaders heaped heavy burdens upon God’s people, never willing to lift their bondage or lighten their load. And worst of all, these men didn’t even follow their own unbearable rules and inside were full of “hypocrisy and lawlessness.” (Matt. 23:28). They did their works to be seen and praised by men. No wonder eight times Jesus pronounces, “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees”, and calls them hypocrites, blind men, fools, and serpents. For the Lord came to free us all from our burdens not increase them. And unlike the worldly false teachers, His burden is light, and His yoke easy. He is gentle and humble in heart and in Him we will find rest for our souls. (Matt. 11:29-30)