July 23rd – Jude 1:3

Jude 1:3

Because of Jesus, we now have the freedom of living under grace instead of the Law. And better still, once we receive Christ as our Savior, no longer are we alone, trapped in darkness, and separated from God. Through Jesus, we become adopted heirs into His heavenly family. Part of a wonderful, spiritual community made up of fellow believers from around the world who accepted God’s gift of Salvation. A gift that has remained unchanged through time, and a gift offered to all who have great faith. A faith, Jude tells us, that we should “earnestly contend” for. How? Through disclosure, demonstration, and defense. We disclose the Word of God by sharing with others what Bible says. We demonstrate what it means to be a Christian through the way we in which we live our lives. And we defend God’s truth against all assaults outside or inside the body of Christ.