August 4th – Isaiah 54:9

Isaiah 54:9

We’ve all found ourselves in situations that seemed hopeless. Or been in pain that is too deep, and too raw for anyone to understand. And everyone has had times when we’ve felt all alone. But as Christians we are never alone. God is always there ready, able, and willing to shower us with His lovingkindness and compassion. For no matter what we do, God in His perfect love remains the same. When we fail, when we fall, and when are are unfaithful to Him, God’s love stays the course. Why? Because His love is based on His amazing grace rather than anything we do or don’t do. So storms may rage and the winds howl, but nothing, absolutely nothing will shake the promise of peace God offers. That means we can rejoice in all trials. For storms only last awhile, and God is in complete control of every one. And He will see us through each step until the sun shines again.